Emma: Inflatable Girlfriend Sex Doll
Emma: Inflatable Girlfriend Sex Doll
Emma: Inflatable Girlfriend Sex Doll
Emma: Inflatable Girlfriend Sex Doll
Emma: Inflatable Girlfriend Sex Doll

You can't be more careful these days. You have had your share of heartbreaks, and you can't seem to trust anyone right now. You have had enough of these messy situations, and you just want to move forward.

Don't worry! Emma: Inflatable Girlfriend Sex Doll is here, and she's not going to let you down!

This doll is game for anything. Oh yes, that means ANYTHING you have in mind! It is made of excellent quality silicone, so you will enjoy a smooth, skin-like texture as you make sweet memories with it. Since silicone is supple and does not have a strong smell, every cuddle time will go smoothly.

Since Emma is an inflatable sex doll, you should set her up before any kinky play. You can do that by manually filling her up with air or by using a mechanical air pump. Make sure you fill her up completely so that her limbs are all adequately shaped. Once she's fully inflated, you'll be surprised that she is already positioned for action. She's just waiting for you to make a move!

She has expressive eyes that will drown you in comfort as you make love to her. Her body is sculpted with perfect curves to evoke sensuality. Her enormous bust and voluptuous waist and hips are to prove that. You can go gentle or hardcore with her; the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, though, whatever you do, she will definitely like it!

And since Emma is a tight girl down there, you will feel nothing but sexual satisfaction when you enter her love holes. They will envelop your package with a vacuum hold. And sure enough, every thrust will feel amazing and will bring you closer to that climax you have been craving for.

To keep her pretty, you have to take time to clean her before and after each humping session. You can do so by cleaning her with soapy water and keeping her dry. Avoid any sun exposure because this will cause discoloration to Emma's flawless skin.

You have to free yourself from strenuous relationships. Bring Emma home today and make her your Queen!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: Silicone
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Height: 28.35 inches
Weight: 33.07 lbs.

Emma: Inflatable Girlfriend Sex Doll

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