Collar Restraints

Slavery and bondage - isn't it bizarre how these two words that describe oppression also inspire sexual stimulation? True enough, the feeling of being helpless, or perhaps, having dominance and taking away someone's ability to move, can feel both dangerous and gratifying at the same time. You can start with the objects you have in your bedroom, like a scarf, necktie, or rope from a forgotten toolbox, but if bondage has become a regular practice for you and your partner, then you better get tools that are tailor-fitted to do this job - such as these collars with restraints.

Fashionable as they may seem, collars have lots of uses aside from making a person's neck look more stylish and "on fleek." These neck accessories can also represent a person's submission and commitment to a master or dominant partner. A collar can look discreet, but it can also look loud and scream the words "bitch" or "slave" - no pun intended.

But aside from glamorizing a neck, these collars are also good attachment points for other types of restraints, like a leash or pair of handcuffs. And if you are into this kind of kink, then you should take a closer look at our collection of collar restraints. If you're looking for a collar that will make your partner look like a helpless little child, or turn him or her into a wild animal on a leash, or perhaps, an incapable person in handcuffs – this selection has them all.

These collars are available in different colors and designs, so it will be easy for you to find a collar that will fit the play you and your partner enjoy. They are of high-quality synthetic leather - a sturdy material that is animal-friendly and skin-friendly too. This collection includes collars that come with a leash to make your pet play fantasy come to life. But if you want to make your partner look defenseless, you'll also find collars with a pair of chained handcuffs that can keep your sub obedient.

Most of the chains in this collection are metal, making them more durable and reliable to stay as good as new with proper care and maintenance. You can also choose whether you want to get cuffs with long chains, thus giving your partner little room for movement. Or, get a collar with cuffs that position the wearer's wrists right beside his or her neck, thus rendering him or her more vulnerable.

Another good factor about PU leather accessories is that they are easy to clean and maintain. You can get rid of grime or dirt from these collars by wiping them with a damp microfiber cloth. Don't forget to do this regularly to avoid these particles from settling in. Aside from keeping your tools frequently sanitized, another way to keep your bedroom routines safer for both you and your partner is by establishing a safe word. Of course, one should also get approval before putting someone in restraints.

Don't settle with using objects that can only do so much in restraining your partner. Get something that can effectively restrict your lover while making him or her look more ravishing. Buy a collar restraint today!

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