Random Jewel Black Metal Butt Plug


Get your ass ready by getting this 3-Piece Black Metal Jeweled Butt Plug Set! These butt plugs are specifically designed to help new players to experience the many pleasures brought by anal play.

Our Black Metal Jeweled Butt Plugs have three anal toys with gradually increasing sizes. The body of these metal-based plugs follows the user's natural contours for a more intense orgasm.

The head of these plugs is longer and narrower than the usual ones, making it easier to pass through your sphincter. When these toys are stuffed up your ass, you would definitely ask for some wild and wicked sex from your lover.

The round flared base - on the other hand - adds charm to these toys. Each plug has a sparkling blue jewel at the bottom of the toy that makes your ass tempting and eye-catching.

Additionally, this part ensures safe anal play. Its size is much bigger than your hollow entrance so that it doesn't get any deeper during sex.

Our 3-Piece Black Metal Jeweled Butt Plug Set is made of high-grade metal. This material is widely used for making naughty adult toys because of its durability and smooth texture.

Furthermore, our metal-based plugs are ideal for temperature play! Dip it into cold or warm water, depending on your preference, for added sexual pleasure.

The best part? Our 3-Piece Black Metal Jeweled Butt Plug Set is compatible with all types of lube. Apply a generous amount of lubricant onto the anal plug for easy penetration. Just don't forget to clean them with warm water and mild soap before shoving them up your ass!

Tease your partner by stuffing your ass with this 3-Piece Black Metal Jeweled Butt Plug Set! Your lover wouldn't resist fucking your sexy behind once he sees you wearing nothing but this plug.

Color Blue
Type Jeweled Butt Plug

Handle: Stainless Steel

Plug: Stainless Steel


Length handle: N/A

plug: N/A

Width handle: N/A

plug: N/A