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Open and Close Type Expanding Butt Plug 3.82 inches long

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Release all your inhibitions and feel the full feeling of a great and armed butt plug with our 3.82" Open and Close Type Expanding Silicone Butt Plug!

Packed with all the goodness of a great silicone material, this plug is made to open up even the most stubborn ass. The design of a plug is made to caress even the deepest parts of the anal canal. This variant though, takes it to a different kind of level, with its ability to expand as it is inside the ass, this is an anal plug in steroids!

This does not mean that you can’t make this your practice plug. Our plugs are very flexible and will always give anyone, no matter what the experience level in plugging the best time!

The technique with these toys is to always do it slowly but surely. As they say, good things are always worth the wait and with this toy, it will save you a lot of uneasy insertion. But first, you must remember to clean the plug and your hands to make sure no harmful bacteria can harbor in your sensitive areas.   After which, you then have to lather the plug with a good amount of lube to make the insertion nice and smooth. Then, take on a comfortable position and try to slide the plug as gently as you can.

With this type of butt plug, the tip will expand as you release it inside the ass so do not fret if you will feel a little uncomfortable at first. Just try to breathe and let the toy take its place inside the ass.

What are you waiting for? Don't let this just pass you by. It may be your last chance to dive into a world full of intense satisfaction! Buy this amazing plug now!


Handle:   Black

Plug:   Black

Type Expanding Butt Plug

Handle:   Silicone

Plug:   Silicone



Handle: N/A

Plug: 3.8 inches


Handle: 1.6 inches

Plug:  Expanded ( tip - 3.3 inches, middle part - 3.5 inches, Bottom - 2 inches)

Not Expanded ( tip - 1.2 inches, middle part - 2.2 inches, Bottom - 2 inches)