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Classic-shaped Golden Glass Butt Plug

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Looking for a simple, yet elegant-looking butt plug? If you're the type who's not impressed by fancy aesthetics, then check out our Classic-shaped Golden Glass Butt Plug as this might just flawlessly reflect your personality.

As the saying goes, "Simplicity is Beauty", that's why straight-forward people just want to keep things plain and simple, no BS and no complications! This Classic-shaped Golden Glass Butt Plug is characterized by an elegant and exquisite shape. It is also very safe and non-toxic. This vivid-looking butt plug is made of high-quality glass material, specially made by professional workers under a temperature of 1,800 degrees.

With its strength and durability, it's a sex toy that is meant to last for a lifetime. It has a clear golden tint and elongated shape, so sophisticated yet so good at serving its purpose.You can use it to tease and please your partner or to simply gratify yourself during masturbation. Its size is enough to stretch you out and give you a full feeling on the inside.

To prepare your behind in using this anal plug, make sure to apply an adequate amount of lubricant into your orifice. If you're into some hot steamy sex, then you can also heat this toy to ignite your orgasm more. Or, if you just want to cool it down and take it easy, put this in icy cold water for a more refreshing feeling on the inside. Its Pyrex glass material can surely withstand any temperature you’d like to play it with. After using this toy, wash it thoroughly with soap and water.  Once dry, keep it in a cool and safe place.

Let your classy attitude show on the choice of sex toys you make! Add our Classic-shaped Golden Glass Butt Plug into your cart now!

Color Gold
Type Butt Plug

Handle:  Pyrex Glass

Plug:  Pyrex Glass



Handle:  N/A

Plug:   N/A


Handle:   N/A

Plug:   N/A