Black obsidian Eggs

There’s something mysterious about Black Obsidian that softly draws anyone in to take a peek at its mirror-like shine. Born out of molten lava that is quickly cooled by Nature, this stone’s powerful energy is heightened when it interacts with raw elements like fire, water, and earth. Given its smooth, water-like surface that reflects like a mirror, it’s a stone of truth that shows one his or her true qualities, including the negative traits that one dares not to show.

It also possesses unbelievable sharpness so it’s one great stone to make blades and arrows. Sure, it can cut through physical matters, and this sharpness transcends as it can also cut off negative ties. Known as a stone of protection, Black Obsidian shields its owner by absorbing any negative energy.

It truly is one potent stone infused with holistic healing wonders, making it one of the most sought-after crystals in the world. Its physical healing benefits include proper digestion and detoxification and it is also known to relieve stress and alleviate stress-related symptoms. Black Obsidian also gives emotional healing to those who suffer from abuse, grief, and trauma. It also sets one free from the entrapments of destructive thoughts that limit personal and spiritual development.

As the stone of truth, Black Obsidian reveals all the past negativities that have continually taken control of one’s thoughts and feelings. What comes with this Obsidian’s revelation is the necessary action to be taken to set one’s self free from this bondage.

It resonates well with the Root Chakra and therefore brings balance to it, resulting in physical strength and spiritual rejuvenation. The spiritual energy of this jet-black stone brings forth clarity in one’s thoughts and eliminates all confusion. With all the amazing benefits it has to offer, we would like you to have a piece of this magnificent stone in the form of a yoni egg.

Our Obsidian Eggs are carved and polished to perfection to bring out their natural sheen. Smooth like silk, they are non-porous and are comfortable when worn as yoni eggs. When they are used as Kegel exercising tools, the right group of muscles is engaged, ensuring that your pelvic floor is strengthened and your love hole tightened. You see, there are amazing benefits in having toned pelvic and vaginal muscles. One of which is the prevention of uterine and bladder prolapse. With strong pelvic muscles, you’ll have better bladder control and this means no more pestering leaks when you laugh, cough, or jump.

With constant Kegel workout with one of our yoni eggs, you’ll certainly achieve a tight love hole able to self-lubricate during sexual intercourse. Tightness guarantees heightened sensitivity in that area, leading to a deeper and more powerful climax that will make you and your partner crave for more intimate lovin’ in the bedroom.

Different sizes are made available to make sure that we’re able to cater to different needs and levels of experience. Our collection also includes yoni egg sets featuring small to large sizes.

We invite you to browse through our collection and get ready to be smitten with these awe-inspiring black eggs!