Ben Wa Balls

Hey, ladies! Is the normal sex routine starting to get dull on you? Do you feel that your partner is slowly losing interest In you as well? While being sexy with your laced lingerie can help, how about tackling the root cause of the problem? Your tunnel of love can only handle so much penetration, it'll wear out after some time. Ben Wa balls are here to transform your pussy back to its glory days!

Ben Wa balls are tiny spheres that are inserted into your vagina. Originally, they were invented by men for the pleasure of men. Seems pretty biased, we know. Made around 500 A.D. in Japan, the first Ben Wa balls were made of metal with mercury inside of them. During intercourse, the balls were inserted, making sex extra stimulating for the men. After some time, the women realized that the balls provided pleasure and sexual arousal to them as well.

Today, there are many kinds of Ben Wa balls. While the classic metal material still stands, some are also made of plastic and even silicone! But regardless of their material, each sphere has a tiny weight inside that bounces and hits the walls of the outer ball; this creates friction and stimulates the vagina from within.

However, there's more to these balls of pleasure than the eye can see. Once you use them in your regular Kegel exercises, you'll have a much tighter and more sensitive coochie that will please both you and your man! Not only that, but Kegel exercises also keep your pelvic floor muscles intact. Once they're all toned and strengthened up, you'll have better control over your bladder and can even prevent further conditions such as urinary incontinence and bowel issues.

When you browse through our collection of Ben Wa balls, you may have a hard time figuring out what to choose. That's because, over time, Ben Wa balls have evolved exponentially, including different features, having different styles, and become more and more customized. Most of them have different shapes and sizes to match your preference.

A set is available with different weights so you can get serious with your Kegel workouts, while a single string of spheres is provided if your only goal is to make sex more enjoyable for you and your significant other. You'll also find that some of the balls can be removed from their silicone jackets for easier cleaning and if you want to use them without the string.

Probably the most exciting feature of them all is the vibrating feature. Selected sets have a built-in vibration motor that can either massage or give your pussy a pulsating sensation, whatever works for you! Some vibrating Ben Wa balls have a separate remote control that you can give to your partner for them to control the speed or intensity of the vibration.

The possibilities are endless with this collection of Ben Wa balls. Everything that you may want and need for your next lovemaking session can be found right here. So give in to pleasure and choose your favorites!

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