Silicone Ben Wa Balls | Vagina Tightening Set 3pcs

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Do you feel like you're slowing down on your sex life? Shake yourself off and get your lady bits back in shape with our Vagina Tightening Ben Wa Balls Set 3pcs! This is a set that will serve as your beginner's guide to Kegel exercising. You'll be amazed at the benefits these will give you.

When you hear or see the words "Kegel exercising", you might not be too familiar with the term. Wherein, in fact, it can be one of the most beneficial workouts you can have. Kegel training involves working out your pelvic floor muscles with the use of Kegel balls, Geisha balls, or ben wa balls.

The benefits of Kegel exercising include a tighter vagina, increased sensitivity, increased fertility, more control on the bladder, and many others. Since the pelvic floor muscles also house the bladder and the rectum, strengthening them can prevent further complications on those systems in the future.

So how are the Vagina Tightening Ben Wa Balls Set 3pcs involved? These are inserted into your vagina and they remain in your vaginal walls. They're safe to use for the body as they're made from medical grade silicone, the same material used for making baby bottle nipples. Silicone is also waterproof and easy to clean so there should be no problems using this in the shower.

There are three separate pieces included in the set. Each piece can be used on its own or you can combine two pieces for a more challenging workout for your pelvic muscles. Each ball has a smaller metal ball inside that hits all the sides of the outer ball when there's movement. It's recommended to do your Kegel exercises when you're more active, as movement plays an important role in strengthening your pelvic muscles.

The best time to work out is anytime, but your pelvic floor muscles can't wait. Start your road to tighter womanhood now!

Color Purple, Black, Pink
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
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1.10 in., 1.18 in., 1.38 in.