Beginner Ben Wa Balls

If you're new to the hype of Ben Wa balls, you'll find it hard to pick the right one. Our beginner Ben Wa balls can be the perfect stepping stone for those who are just starting out and not sure on what to pick. Get your pussy ready as you're about to venture on the world of Kegel exercising!

Ben Wa balls are tiny spheres that are made from metal, stainless steel, plastic, ABS, or silicone. All of the materials are of high quality and guaranteed safe to use in the body. Each ball has another ball inside that bounces and hits the walls of the outer ball whenever there's movement. This creates friction from within and stimulates your vagina.

Ben Wa balls are created for enhanced sexual pleasure. When the balls do their work inside your tunnel of love, you'll be even more stimulated and sex will feel ten times more enjoyable. But there's more to these magical spheres than just intensifying your sexual experiences.

When you start to insert a Ben Wa ball into your coochie, your vaginal walls contract to hold the ball in place (otherwise it will just fall out!). This starts to become a workout for your sex organ, also called Kegel exercise. The more you do this workout for your vagina, the better your walls become at contracting. Due to this, you'll also feel that your tunnel has gotten tighter as the vaginal walls have shrunken and narrowed down. So yes, Kegel exercising makes your vaginal walls tighter, more sensitive, and more stimulated so not only will you feel more satisfied during sex, but your partner will also benefit as well and he'll be more than pleased with the outcome!

Kegel exercising also tones and strengthens your pelvic floor muscles which also provides a lot of physical benefits for you. Didn't you know that a sex toy could do that, huh? Your pelvic floor muscles support the reproductive, urinary, and rectal systems, so it's not only your pussy that gets to enjoy all the benefits but your bladder and bowel system as well. A better bladder means that you'll be able to control it more and can prevent urinary incontinence and bowel issues in the future.

This collection consists of all the Ben Wa balls any first timer can use. All the products here are made from either silicone or ABS and plastic which is comfortable enough when in use. You can go for the sets which have the jackets fused in or those which have removable jackets to thoroughly clean the balls.

If you think that Kegel exercising is for you, we have sets in this collection with different sizes and weights so you can adjust accordingly. The more you get into it, the quicker you see the results. Take yourself back to your younger years with our beginner Ben Wa balls and restore your love organ to the state where pleasure was indescribable. Have fun exploring and experimenting with your partner!