Remote-Controlled Automatic Male Masturbator
Remote-Controlled Automatic Male Masturbator
Remote-Controlled Automatic Male Masturbator
Remote-Controlled Automatic Male Masturbator

Watch in awe as you see your penis grow into a fully-erect phallus while it receives electrifying sensations from a translucent magical cup. With only a few clicks on this toy's remote control, you can massage your weenie for stronger stamina and a more lasting erection.

Just imagine that you're having the most erotic night of your life with a woman you've been stalking online. Finally, the much-awaited night has come, but you have a feeling it's about to end because you're going to prematurely cum.

As this is your first night together, which might also turn out to be your only night together if you disappoint her - you don't want this dismay to be the impression you will leave her with. But do you know what you could've done to avoid this dilemma from happening? It is practicing with our Remote-Controlled Automatic Male Masturbator.

This modern, yet intelligent and comfortable way of self-gratification, will not only quench your thirst for a mind-blowing orgasm, but it can also help your manhood get stronger.

This cup masturbator has a translucent silicone material that can give your penis a realistic sucking and telescopic vibration. Harmful germs and bacteria cannot harbor on its non-porous surface, making your me-time safe from any possible skin irritation.

This pocket pussy's tunnel has beads and ribs to excite and titillate the muscles and skin of your shaft. Turning on and controlling the fluctuations is hassle-free with the help of the wired remote control. This powerful sex machine is USB rechargeable, so you can most likely plug it into any power source - your wall socket, car charger, computer, laptop, or power bank. This feature means you can have sessions with this masturbator, anytime, anywhere!

It's time to up your game and give your partner only the best! Set this up into your cart now!

Color Clear and Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
4.33 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.77 inches


Remote-Controlled Automatic Male Masturbator

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