Daisuke: Asian Boyfriend Sex Doll
Daisuke: Asian Boyfriend Sex Doll
Daisuke: Asian Boyfriend Sex Doll
Daisuke: Asian Boyfriend Sex Doll
Daisuke: Asian Boyfriend Sex Doll
Daisuke: Asian Boyfriend Sex Doll

He was once a renowned cyclist in his country. If the accident didn't happen three years ago, he could have joined the Tour of Japan and possibly became the champion that year. But everything changed in just a snap of a finger.

It all happened a week before the competition. As Daisuke was cycling his way through his house in April 2018, he was hit by a fast-running garbage truck that threw him like a catapult from his bicycle. He survived, but he broke his thigh bones, and there was no chance to heal them. Mutilation was the only answer to save his life. And so the doctors did what they had to do.

Always sitting beside the windowsill, Daisuke can no longer do what he was used to doing. He smiles at people who see him at his window. But behind his smirks and grins lie the sorrow from within—the frustrating fact that everything will never be the same again.

"I can never be sad forever," he said to himself. So he finds a way to ease his frustration. He diverts his attention to some fun activities—those which bring him joy and satisfaction. And so he found people who are into him. He joined orgies with people who accept him.

To get a picture of him, Daisuke is a handsome guy that everyone would want to be with. He has this muscled body, well-toned abdominal muscles, gorgeous facial features, and straight hair. His TPE skin is so supple that it seems like he's bathing in milk every day. With his physique, it's not surprising that someone would want him despite his shortcomings, especially if they see him perform his wildest in bed. He's a total performer who sucks dicks, and who can stuff his butt with cocks. Yes, he's gay. So what? What matters is he can do the job of making his tops satisfied. And if someone else should know, he's very flexible in any sex positions. His upper body's bones are made of skeleton!

He's into sadists who will make a cum dump out of him. Are you willing to share your jizz with him? If so, get the Daisuke: Asian Boyfriend Sex Doll now and be his master for the rest of your life!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: TPE
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Height: 37 inches (94 cm)
Shoulder: N/A
Breast: N/A
Waist: N/A
Hip: N/A
Arm: N/A
Leg: N/A
Oral: 6.30 inches (16 cm)
Penis: 6.69 inches (17 cm)
Anal: 4.72 inches (12 cm)
Weight: 55.10 lbs (25 kg)

Daisuke: Asian Boyfriend Sex Doll

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