Stringed Vagina Exerciser Geisha Balls
Stringed Vagina Exerciser Geisha Balls
Stringed Vagina Exerciser Geisha Balls
Stringed Vagina Exerciser Geisha Balls
Stringed Vagina Exerciser Geisha Balls

Don't you get jealous of couples having fantastic sex every day? You even ask "How do they do it?" and "Don't they ever get tired?" For sure, they have a secret to their happy sex life—but what is their secret? Coincidentally, we are dying to tell you too! Sex toys play a significant role in a couples' sex life. A geisha ball which can tone and strengthen your pelvic muscles like the Stringed Vagina Exerciser Geisha Balls is a perfect example. These are weighted balls that are meant to be worn inside the vagina.

You can finally achieve better orgasms through regular use of these Geisha Balls which are made of body-safe silicone. This toy is hypoallergenic and soft to the touch. It is one hundred percent waterproof and has a sassy pink color which fits most ladies. These balls are comprised of two round-shaped balls with soft silicone spikes and are separated by an egg-shaped ball in the middle. This design is made to provide you an added sensation while inside your vagina. A looped stretchable silicone string is provided for easy retrieval after each use.

These Geisha Balls were initially designed to restore strength and support weak pelvic floor muscles. It is beneficial to those who want to tighten their vagina muscles after pregnancy. Surprisingly, it can also be used to tickle your body’s most erogenous zones such as your clitoris, nipples, and vagina. You can use this in the shower, bathtub, in the pool, or anywhere you feel most comfortable.

This stringed vagina exerciser is easy to clean and use. Just wash with mild antibacterial detergent and rinse with lukewarm water. You can use these balls all by yourself or with a partner.

Hurry and grab yours today so you can further your vaginal health while enjoying the sexual benefits and erotic satisfaction.

Color Pink 
Type Geisha Balls
Material Silicone 
Dimensions (in.)


Ball- 1.46 inches

Egg- 2.17 inches


Ball- 1. 46 inches

Egg- 1.34 inches


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Stringed Vagina Exerciser Geisha Balls

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