Masturbation Rocket Steel Anal Beads
Masturbation Rocket Steel Anal Beads
Masturbation Rocket Steel Anal Beads

Hello, anal explorer! We know you've been through a lot of anal adventures, so you're here shopping for a more badass butt pleaser. Churn your dark tunnel by turning the Masturbation Rocket Steel Anal Beads. It's a fun way to level up your anal stimulation.

This futuristic-looking rocket anal probe features a simple yet functional design. It has a 5.87-inch insertable length, which includes a tapered head and a smooth shaft. The considerable measure, along with the hardness and rigidity, makes it a great buddy for experienced users. Drool with lust and orgasmic bliss as you turn the little handle round and round at the bottom.

Being made of solid stainless steel, it will feel heavy, but it is the weight that you'd like to have in your rear hole. Amp up your game by putting it in the fridge or submerging it in ice-cold water right before it gets inside your bottom. Get ready, chicas! This badass will be your powerful ally to make him beg for more.

This rocket-inspired anal toy features a bulbous head, and it narrows at the tip for easy insertion. The long and slender body makes prolonged wear comfortable. On the other hand, the broad base makes anal play safe and secure. The nubs around the surface of the plate will add titillation once the toy starts turning round and round. So grab that handle and start churning!

This metal piece is so easy to clean and disinfect as it's non-porous. All you need is warm water and anti-bacterial soap to wash away leftover lube or dirt. Feel free to sterilize it every once in a while. Leave it to dry naturally, then store in a dry, cool place.

Do you want to skyrocket your orgasmic pleasure? Buy the Masturbation Rocket Steel Anal Beads today! 

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Total Length: 7.72 inches (196 mm)
Insertable length: 5.87 inches (149 mm)
Handle: 2.24 inches (57 mm)
Head: 1.57 inches (40 mm)
Shaft: 0.98 inch (25 mm)


Masturbation Rocket Steel Anal Beads

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