Masturbation Overload Red Anal Beads
Masturbation Overload Red Anal Beads
Masturbation Overload Red Anal Beads
Masturbation Overload Red Anal Beads
Masturbation Overload Red Anal Beads

There was once upon a time in your childhood when you loved inserting your small finger or a pen in your ass, and it felt good. Past that period, you outgrew messing with your ass because you think it's gross. But out of boredom, you've recently toyed with it, and it feels good! And when your partner licks the rim of your anus, it tickles, and it's pleasurable. 

Hey, why not get a sex toy intended to stimulate your narrow tunnel and its opening? Our Masturbation Overload Red Anal Beads will be your perfect companion during your solo sessions.

Make your wanking time more fun with a series of five beads arranged according to size. The smallest knob is at the tip to ease insertion, especially for newbies. These soft candy-shaped beads look beautifully put together on a bendy rubber stem. 

Near the handle is a pointy extension meant to stimulate your clitoris, balls, or perineum. Yes, whatever your gender is, you'll surely have fun with this. The stylish handle offers a hoop where you can loop your fingers during pulling time. With this, you can twist and turn the beads inside your ass or thrust and yank one or two balls to enjoy the popping sensation these love beads provide.

 Whether you're masturbating with your hands or with a tool, these red ovals up your ass will elevate carnal pleasure. Made of TPR, it follows the natural contour of your body, allowing you to move as freely as you want. It's compatible with a water-based lubricant. And speaking of lubing, slather this set of beads before they go in. When it comes to anal play, too much lube can never be enough, so go ahead and generously apply in your anus and on your toy.

 When you're through, make sure to wash it with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Leave the lather on for a few minutes to remove the smell, then rinse thoroughly.

 Can't wait to experience these beads in your ass? Buy now! 

Color Red
Material TPR
Total Length: 8.58 inches (21.8 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: NA
Tip: 0.79 inch (2 cm)
Last Bead: 1.30 inches (3.3cm)


Masturbation Overload Red Anal Beads

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