Huge Feel Good Soft Anal Beads
Huge Feel Good Soft Anal Beads
Huge Feel Good Soft Anal Beads
Huge Feel Good Soft Anal Beads
Huge Feel Good Soft Anal Beads

They say size matters, and we believe so. Bigger is better and more filling, that's why we are offering you an extra-large butt filler. It starts narrow, and then it gradually becomes broader as it goes deeper into your hole. Curious? It's the Huge Feel Good Soft Anal Beads we're talking about, and we're sure you want to get to know more about this massive anal pleaser.

Ease the entry of the soft swirly beads into your butt with a generous amount of water-based lubricant. Carefully and gently push each section and don't go any further than what you can take in. Take your time as rushing can result in a mishap. The surface of the beads is textured to make the rubbing more titillating.

Our anus is a great sucker, and knowing this, we designed the toy with a flared base. This disc-shaped part will prevent the whole thing from being completely swallowed. At its bottom is a suction cup, making it a versatile sex toy. Find a stable and flat surface and stick this to it horizontally or vertically---it all depends on the sex position you want.

This squeezable anal filler makes use of TPE, the new version of silicone. It's as soft as skin, so it has that pleasant, familiar feel. You can do more positions freely while it's inside you as it is flexible; hence, it is body-conforming.

They say the dirtier the play, the more exciting it becomes. But, don't misinterpret this literally because failure to observe proper hygiene get you infected with bacteria. So make it a habit to wash it with warm water and bacterial soap. Cover it with a condom as doing so makes cleanup a lot easier.

If your ass has that big appetite, then you've got to satisfy it with huge swirls. But now!

Color Blue, Flesh, Black
Material TPE
Total Length: 9.65 inches 
Insertable length: N/A
Base: 3.54 inches 
Tip: 1.38 inches
Second Bead: 1.50inches
Third Bead: 1.65 inches
Fourth Bead: 1.73 inches
Fifth Bead: 1.81 inches
Bottom Bead: 1.97 inches 


Huge Feel Good Soft Anal Beads

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  • $116.65

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