Get Fulfilled Inflatable Anal Beads
Get Fulfilled Inflatable Anal Beads
Get Fulfilled Inflatable Anal Beads
Get Fulfilled Inflatable Anal Beads

Get Fulfilled Inflatable Anal Beads

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Got a big appetite for anal penetration? Introduce your sexy back to our expandable backdoor pleaser! Our Get Fulfilled Inflatable Anal Beads are your perfect choice to experience intense and mind-blowing anal pleasure.

The bulbous tip fits perfectly inside the butthole, while the ribbed texture delivers titillating sensations as it rubs against the anal wall. And with the pump connected to the probe, you’ll get to increase its size while it’s inside your love bum; thus, giving you a full feeling.

But before you experience these heart-racing and eye-rolling sensations, you need to lube up the toy and your puckered hole. Coat the probe and your ass with an ample amount of lube. Then, slip it inside your ass. Squeeze the bulb to pump up the tool and to push your booty to its limit.

Once you are happy with its size, use the valve to keep its girth. And when it’s time to pop it out, release the air using the plug and slowly pull the shaft out for heightened pleasure.

This bad boy has a length of 5.91 inches with a width of 1.46 inches. Meanwhile, its cord is about 22.83 inches long—enough to let your partner control your pleasure. It also makes use of silicone, a material known for its outstanding flexibility and durability. Hence, this toy is ideal for beginners.

This material is also body-safe, as it is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, which makes it a perfect choice for those with severe allergies and sensitive skin. Best of all, it’s non-porous, which means no bacteria will thrive on its surface.

And since it’s non-porous, it’s easy to clean! You only need to wash it with warm, soapy water, let it dry completely, and it’s ready for another heart-pumping backdoor adventure!

With all these remarkable features, you have no reason to look further than this. So go ahead and get our Get Fulfilled Inflatable Anal Beads now!


Color Black
Material Silicone
Total Length:
Body: 5.91 inches (150 mm)
Cord: 22.83 inches (580 mm)

Insertable length: N/A
handle: N/A
beads: 1.46 inches (37 mm)