Amethyst eggs

Legend has it that Amethyst, a beautiful purple stone, was once a beautiful maiden. According to the story, the god of wine, Bacchus, was very mad because of an insult and swore to himself that the first human he’d meet would be ravaged by his tigers. Unfortunately, Amethyst was that mortal who happened to be on her way to a shrine to worship Diana. When the beasts sprang to attack her, she asked the goddess to protect her from the ferocious beasts. To spare her from being devoured, Diana turned her into a clear crystal. Feeling sorry for the mortal and remorseful of his cruelty, Bacchus poured pure grape juice over the crystal, transforming it into a resplendent purple-hued stone.

In the past, Greeks and Romans drunk wine from goblets studded with beautiful Amethyst stones believing that the wine would lose its power to intoxicate. People in ancient civilizations also associated this charming crystal with luxury, so it was a favorite stone used in crowns, scepters, and rings. In today’s modern world, Amethyst is revered as a stone of wisdom and intelligence as it promotes greater understanding and perception and enhances thought processes. When you lose your creative juices and motivation, call upon the power of Amethyst to bring forth creativity and passion.

If you think its beauty is only for the eyes to lay upon, you’re mistaken as it is infused with healing properties. When you own a piece of Amethyst and keep it close to you all the time, you’ll be safe from infections as it boosts and strengthens the immune system. Having troubles in getting restful sleep? Place the stone under your pillow to drive away insomnia. An overactive mind doesn’t invite sleep so seek the power of Amethyst to calm your thoughts. Amethyst also dissipates stress and heals migraines and headaches.

To bring you the wonderful benefits of Amethyst and for you to have a piece of this marvelously hard stone, we have put together all the remarkable Amethyst eggs in one collection. Looking resplendent in different shades of purple, these eggs offer a great Kegel workout experience as they are all perfectly polished. Their shimmery luster is proof of their non-porous quality. They are made available in different sizes to suit your level of experience and needs.

In our collection, we feature both drilled and undrilled eggs as preferences in this area also vary. Drilled eggs accommodate a string for easy retrieval. We are well aware that a retrieval loop gives some women peace of mind and this they shall have with drilled eggs. Undrilled ones, on the other hand, are easy to sanitize and clean.

Do not allow aging and childbirth to take away the youth and vitality of your vagina and just endure the effects of a weakened pelvic floor because, really, there is a sure way to counteract them. Our Amethyst Eggs are here to support you all the way to help you tone and strengthen your PC muscles not only to help you achieve a healthier reproductive organ but also to bring you enhanced bedroom intimacy.  Enjoy browsing through our collection!

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