Why Should You Anal Douche?

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Many of us are aware of anal douching as a practise but aren’t completely convinced. Why should we bother when our bodies do an acceptable job of cleaning itself out?

Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t perfect and sometimes there are some remnants of our digestive system that get left behind. For a lot of people this won’t be much of a problem.

Sometimes though, these remnants can be a big deal. A lot of the people who regularly douche their anus can have many different reasons for doing so. Perhaps some of these reasons might align with your own views, and you might be convinced that anal douching is for you after all!

Douching For Medical Reasons

The most traditional reason for anal douching is in a medical sense. This should be fairly self-explanatory.

You have some kind of malfunction or issue with your digestive system, so your body is struggling to get everything done on its own. In this situation, we simply use douching as an aid, helping things along while our body struggles and then stopping once things have returned to normal.

Common conditions that may cause a doctor to recommend douching include:

  • Constipation
  • Difficulty passing stools
  • Yeast infections
  • Weight problems
  • Cancer (Although this one is very controversial and most traditional doctors doubt its effectiveness)

As always, we are not doctors. If you feel that anal douching is something that you need to be doing for a medical reason, always discuss it with your own doctor. They know your conditions, symptoms, and can recommend appropriate treatments for your own body.

Douching For Hygienic Reasons

As we should all know by now, the process of anal douching removes bacteria and leftover faeces from your rectum. Even though our body does this naturally, sometimes there may be stubborn or harder parts that just get a little stuck. If you have a particularly poor diet, then this may be a much more common occurrence for you.

We each have our own ideas on what level of hygiene is acceptable.

Some shower twice a day, some twice a week. Some wash their hair every day, some once a week. The same is true for douching.

Once you’ve done it a few times you may feel that you can genuinely notice the difference and can tell when your rectum is a little dirtier. In this case you might decide that you want to douche a bit more often to keep the light and clean feeling going.

Or maybe you’re just a bit of a clean freak! There’s nothing wrong with this. We’re all different and have different things that make us comfortable. For those with a particularly strong urge to be as clean as possible, douching is just another branch on the tree of personal hygiene.

Douching For Sex

Those who choose to douche for sexual reasons have a completely different set of considerations. Whenever we put things into our butts, whether it’s a penis or a sex toy, there’s a good chance that it will come back out with some bits of faeces stuck to it.

In a situation that’s normally supposed to be arousing and enjoyable, this can be a massive turn off for many people. Wanting to avoid it as much as possible is a perfectly reasonable and natural desire.

If you know that you have an upcoming session of anal pleasure (lucky you!), then you might want to give your rectum a little bit of TLC before you start. In general, you will want to do this around an hour or two before you have sex, as douching does slightly dry out the walls of the rectum. It takes a little time for things to return to normal and doing it just before sex leaves you vulnerable to bruising, tears, or even cuts to your rectal wall.

If you’re trying to avoid getting faecal matter on your partner or toys, I doubt you’ll appreciate blood either!

Of course, you should always try to empty your bowels before douching. There’s no point having a nice clean rectum if you then need to use the bathroom before you have sex anyway.

While the immediate benefit of not having to clean up leftover faecal matter after sex should be quite obvious, there is a deeper element to it all. Anal sex can be quite challenging at times, and one of the most important things to it is relaxing.

On top of this, many partners will be completely put off the idea just because of the chance of encountering any old friends in your anus. Being able to tell them that there’s no chance of this happening can put everyone much more at ease, which lets you both relax and enjoy all of the pleasure as fully as you can, as well as making the whole process much easier overall.

Douching After Sex

A slightly less common reason people choose to anal douche is to clean things up after sex. While the benefits to pre-douching are fairly obvious, it’s a little strange that so many of us overlook the idea of cleaning things out again once you’ve done the deed.

After all, you’ve just introduced a completely foreign object into your body, it will have been (hopefully) covered in lubrication made from all kinds of ingredients, and then there might even be semen involved if your partner was allowed to ejaculate there!

This is a complete mixing pot of potential bacteria, and you’d be reasonable to think that leaving it in there could be quite harmful. While your natural bowel movements will eventually clear everything out on their own, you’d be forgiven for wanting to get it all out of your body as soon as possible.

So why is it so often overlooked? Well aside from the typical emotional and physical exhaustion that can follow sex, your anus can be very sensitive and even a little uncomfortable once you’re finished. This might make douching immediately after sex quite painful and put many people off.

"The best way to approach it is just like you did before sex, give your body some time to recover, the douche one or two hours later when things are less sensitive."

Do We Have To Douche?

There’s a great deal of different reasons you might want to start anal douching, but for some the real consideration is whether or not we need to. Ultimately, the answer is probably no.

Many people live perfectly happy and healthy lives without ever washing out their rectums. If you want to do it, then it’s entirely up to you. You can wash your own body however you see fit! Just make sure you actually are washing it…

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