Cleaning Anal Douches

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Just like when using anal sex toys, cleaning is also a very important part of using anal douches. Without properly cleaning your equipment between every single use, it’s almost pointless to even use it. If the douche itself is full of dirt and bacteria, then there’s no way it can do an effective job of cleaning out your insides!

Cleaning douches is quite a simple process though, so there’s no real excuse for dirty douches!

How to Clean Your Anal Douche

The easiest way for you to clean your anal douche is using warm soapy water. Start by separating the bulb and nozzle so you can focus on each part individually. The nozzle can simply have the soapy water poured through it a few times.

For the bulb, fill it up with the mixture and slosh it around a little before pouring it back out. You can do this as many times as you feel is necessary.

Sometimes, you might feel like your douche needs some more in-depth cleaning. For this, you have a few options. One option is to make a solution of watered down bleach and leave both parts of your douche soaking in the mixture for a couple of hours.

This isn’t something you should do every single time, as it will gradually break down the surface of your douche. It can be a great option for an infrequent deep clean though.

A better option is to boil your douche. This isn’t suitable for all materials, so consult any instructions that came with your douche and make sure that it can withstand the heat before you do this. If it’s good to go, simply submerge the device in boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes.

Another great way to clean your douche is to drop it in your dishwasher (not with your plates!) and give it a wash cycle. The extra heat from these methods will completely destroy any bacteria left on the surfaces of your douche.

Drying Your Anal Douche

An important part of cleaning your anal douches which is often overlooked is making sure that they are properly dried. Missing this means that when you put it away, there can still be liquid inside your douche bulb and nozzle.

Over time, this can lead to mould building up inside the douche, and using a mouldy douche is a fast way to give yourself some infections!

The easiest and most effective method to dry your anal douche is to use some paper towels. After you’ve finished cleaning, pat down the entire surface of your douche, both inside and out, to absorb all of the leftover moisture.

Once completely dry, you should store your douche in a plastic bag along with some extra paper towels. These are there to absorb any extra moisture which can build up during storage.

Cleaning Your Douching Area

It doesn’t matter if you do your anal douching in the bedroom, bathroom, or even shower. When it comes to emptying out the liquids you’ve put in your rectum, there are going to be all kinds of bacteria flying around.

We don’t want to leave these to build up over time, so once you’ve finished douching you should also give the surrounding area a good clean too.

This doesn’t just mean the surfaces but also anything you’ve touched while you were douching. Any good bathroom cleanser will do the trick, simply spray everything down and give it a good scrub!

When Should You Clean Your Anal Douche?

Just like any other object you use anally, you should take the time to clean your douche after every single use.

Bacteria can multiply very quickly, so even leaving your douche for a couple of hours can mean millions more bacteria multiplying and spreading.

Spending the extra time to promptly clean everything massively reduces the risks of any germs or infections spreading. It’s simple and it’s quick, so you really don’t have any excuse not to keep your douche as clean as your rectum!

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