10 Toys You Need To Try This Valentines

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If there’s ever a day of the year where the pressure’s on to perform in the bedroom, then surely Valentine’s day is the day. If you want to make it a night to remember, why not try something new like one of our fantastic sex toys!

Whatever kind of relationship you’re in, or even if you’re not in one at all, there’s always something fun to try.

The Vanilla Valentines

Let’s face it. Some people just aren’t into sex toys as much as others. They prefer things a little more vanilla, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Just because you like things a bit more traditional, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to enhance your bedroom pleasure though! Why not try out our Please and Tease Basic Bondage Set. Something as simple as a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs can enhance even the most basic sexual preferences!

The Committed Couple

For those of you who have been in a relationship for a while, you might feel like some of the magic has gone. Sex might not be as good as it used to be, or maybe they just don’t do the little things that they used to try and impress you with.

When this happens, one of the best things to do is try and spice things up a bit and bring back the spark you used to have.

Our top recommendation for this would be one of our high-quality vibrators. Women generally find it harder to reach orgasm, so spending some time focusing on her erogenous zones while doing your usual can really get her motor going and give you a night you won’t forget soon.

The Risque Romantics

If you’re willing to explore a little more in the bedroom, then the sky’s the limit! There are many different kinds of sex toy which can enhance and improve your sex life just waiting for you to try them!

A hidden gem that can bring some unique pleasure to your bedroom is urethral stimulation. This flips the usual dynamic on it’s head, letting the man experience penetration instead of the woman. With a penis plug you can explore some truly unique and enjoyable sensations, and strengthen your bond by trying something completely new together.

The Cupid

For a man who just wants to maximise her pleasure (hold onto him, right?), then a sex toy may be just the arrow he needs in his quiver. Focus solely on her pleasure with a pair of panty vibrators.

With the included remote control, you can give her a buzz wherever and whenever she wants it. Not to mention, if you use it right then she’ll be raring to go when you head to the bedroom!

The Mistress

A woman who wants to take command can be a sight to behold, and often leads to some of the best orgasms a man can have. So, give her the reins this Valentine’s, and let her rock your world with some sex toys made just for his pleasure.

One of the most common ways to explore the Mistress dynamic is through male chastity. This lets the woman take complete control, and decide exactly when (and how) her man will orgasm. The easiest way to explore male chastity is with one of our high quality cock cages!

The Lonely Hearts

Just because you aren’t in a relationship this Valentine’s day, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Being single can come with it’s benefits too! You can try anything you want without needing to have any awkward conversations or funny looks if you aren’t quite on the same page as your partner.

With so many options available, we really can’t recommend one thing that you should try. Maybe something new that you’ve always wondered about, or an old favourite you haven’t done for a while. Whatever your fancy, you’re sure to find something appropriate in the vast Lovegasm catalogue!

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