Vibrating Pocket Pussies

Pocket pussies can bring massive pleasure to anyone who tries them!

For those looking to take their pleasure to the extra level though, a vibrating pocket pussy is the way to go.

What is a Vibrating Pocket Pussy?

Vibrating pocket pussies are a special variety of pocket pussy that offers extra stimulation to users.

They make use of motors, vibrators, or even suction to change or improve the sensations on offer.

Who Should Use a Vibrating Pocket Pussy?

Pretty much anyone can use a vibrating pocket pussy.

In particular it appeals to those looking for a little more from their pocket pussy.

They can also appeal to people who want to spend a little less effort in their masturbation and instead can sit back and enjoy things.

Many types of vibrating pocket pussies are able to be used completely hands free, so all you need to do is sit back enjoy it!

It can also leave your hands free to stimulate other parts of your body like your nipples, testicles, or anus.

How Do Vibrating Pocket Pussies Work?

Most vibrating pocket pussies will be similar to the non-vibrating kind.

They will have extra compartments though, which house one or more vibrating bullets.

"You need to go through and turn on each bullet individually and return them to their compartments before you start using your pocket pussy."

Are They Better Than Regular Pocket Pussies?

This one is mostly down to personal preference.

The majority of people tend to find that vibrations add to any kind of sexual stimulation and make orgasms more intense and powerful.

Some find the vibrations to be too much though, and it can actually detract from their experience.

The only way you’re going to find out is to try it yourself!