Types Of Urethral Toys

Types Of Urethral Toys

Stimulating your urethra can be a completely different experience that many people will enjoy even if they don’t expect to at first.

There are a wide range of toys available for you to choose from, and each can interact with your urethra in a different way. 

Generally, there are three main types of urethral toy. 

Penis Plugs

Penis plugs tend the be the simplest urethral toy available, and often they will be the first toy someone might explore. These usually tend to be quite small and only penetrate up to a couple of inches into the urethra.

Most penis plugs have a small T-bar or ring on one end to make sure it doesn’t travel too far and get stuck.  

When shopping for a penis plug you’ll usually have the options of either silicone or stainless steel.   

Aside from the material they are made of, and the fact that there will be some kind of stopper to keep it from going too far into your body, penis plugs can vary massively. 

Some may have ridges, patterns, or even bumps on the surface which provide you with completely different sensations when you use them. 

Even outside these variations, there is much, much more to explore with penis plugs. 

Some are hollow, allowing fluids to pass through them so you can wear them for extended periods of time or even during sex. Some have small vibrators attached, letting you explore another completely different sensation. Some even let you use electrical impulses! 

Urethral Sounds

While somewhat more advanced, urethral sounds typically form the bread and butter or urethral play.

Often these would be used by medical professionals in diagnosing and treating certain illnesses or disorders, but these days they are commonly used for recreational purposes as well. 

A sound is much longer than a penis plug, sometimes reaching up to around eight inches and can penetrate deeper into the body. 

The most advanced sound users can insert them through the entire length of the urethral tube right up to the bladder.

Sounds are typically made of medical grade stainless steel, and using any other material is asking for trouble. 

The traditional design is a simple straight rod, but when exploring them recreationally you have many more options. 

Each of these can carry different shapes and markings or designs, giving you different feelings when you insert them. Some of the most common variants include: 

  • Hank Sounds: These sounds are great for beginners. They are double ended, with both sides of the sound being a different size. They also feature a small bump a few inches down the sound. These bumps are very useful as they stop you from inserting the sound too far.

  • Hegar Sounds: Possibly the most common type of sound used for sexual pleasure. These are also double ended and feature a curved S shape. The curve makes them very comfortable to insert in the urethra.

  • Pratt Sounds: Pratt sounds are more of an intermediate urethral sound, designed for people with a decent level of experience. They look similar to Hegar sounds at first glance, but Pratt sounds are usually longer, and have a more pronounced curve.

  • Rosebud Sounds: These are another kind of sound that is suitable for beginners. They are only single sided, with the other end being slightly thicker to form a good handle for you to hold onto. They tend to be quite short, and the insertion end has a small bullet shaped piece on the end for extra stimulation.

  • Van Buren Sounds: Van Buren sounds are only for the most experienced and advanced sound users. They are long enough to reach the entire length of the urethra and stimulate the bladder. These sounds have a J-shape, which allows them to comfortably follow the curve of the urethra, although it does mean they can only be inserted or removed from the penis while flaccid.

  • Dittle Sounds: These are some of the shortest sounds available and are perfect for people transitioning from penis plugs to urethral sounding. They have a straight smooth body, but the main feature is their ends. Dittle sounds have flat ends, which function perfectly as handles and can even be attached to other devices such as vibrators or electrical stimulators.

There are a great many options, and which you decide to go for will depend on how experienced you are, how deep you want to go, and what feelings you want to get from the experience.

Urethral Piercings

Urethral piercings aren’t specifically toys designed for urethral stimulation, but having one definitely gives you an extra level of stimulation during other sexual activities.

Depending on the piercing you get, you will experience different feelings while wearing them and there are many different ones to choose from. 

The most common type is the Prince Albert piercing (or the female variant, the Princess Albertina). 

A piercing could be a simple bar shape, have a ring that passes through and out of the body, or even have balls along the surface for extra stimulation.

Other Toys That Can Help with Urethral Stimulation

While the toys we’ve covered so far are designed specifically with the urethra in mind, there are others which can help you to ramp up your urethral play when you use them together.

In general, these are going to be things that increase the sensitivity of your penis or vagina. 

Examples include: cock rings, penis pumps, vaginal pumps, and sperm stoppers.

Most of these simply increase the overall blood flow in your sexual organs, so when you do start your urethral stimulation there’s even more sensitivity and you get much more stimulation out of it. 

What’s Important When Choosing A Urethral Toy?

Even with some basic knowledge of the types of toys available, you might still find some difficulty in choosing exactly what you should buy.

Luckily, it’s quite a simple process once you know what you’re looking for! 

The first and probably most important consideration you’ll need to make is the size. When engaging in urethral play for the first time, you might think that something smaller will be better for you.

This couldn’t be further from the truth though, and in most cases using a toy that is too thin is actually much more dangerous than using one that is too large. 

For the ideal experience, you want something that is comfortably tight. No so tight that there’s significant resistance (you should never have to push to get your urethral toys in, gravity should do the work), but not so loose that it can simply slide around on its own.  

Material will probably be the second thing you might find you have an option for. There shouldn’t be a great deal to choose from though, as all good urethral toys will be made of either stainless steel or silicone. 

Both of these materials are non-porous which means they aren’t able to absorb any bacteria. This is an incredibly important thing for urethral play as it’s very easy to get infections through this part of your body.  If you ever see a toy made of a different material, then steer well clear! 

The most interesting decision for you to make is in any textures the toys will have on them. Rather than just a completely smooth surface, your toy could have raised areas, spots, bumps, patterns, or even be curved!

Each different type of texture can give you a completely different feeling when you use it. It’s completely up to you which you go for, and over time you’re sure to develop your own favourites!

That just about covers where we currently stand on urethral toys. It’s a brave new world for you to explore, and you have plenty of options to mull over and think about. 

As long as you’re buying a good quality toy that you can easily sterilise and take care of though, you are basically free to try anything that takes your fancy!