Types of Anal Douche

Types of Anal Douche

Many of the people who enjoy anal sex and anal stimulation feel that keeping the whole area clean is a top priority, so turn to anal douching. This process allows them to rinse out the inside of their anus and rectum by inserting liquid and allowing it to carry any dirt or bacteria out of the body with it.

Douches can come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, and in this article, we’ll be going some of the most popular kinds. 

Basic Bulb Anal Douches

The most common form of anal douche available is made up of two simple parts. It has a bulb, often made of silicone or rubber, and a nozzle, which can be detached from the bulb. You simply fill the bulb with your chosen douching liquid, attach the nozzle, insert it into your anus, and squeeze! 

Both the bulb and the nozzle can come in a variety of sizes, shapes or colours. Generally, the only difference you’ll find with the bulbs are how much liquid they can hold. If you want more thorough douching, or have a particularly large rectum, then you’ll want a bigger bulb. 


The nozzle can be much more varied. Different styles are available that can make it easier to insert or use your douche, change how it feels inside your body, or even completely alter the way the liquid flows out of it. 

Bulb style douches will typically be kept and reused many times over their lifecycle, so it’s important to regularly clean them. Not only this, but you need to make sure they are thoroughly dried off or you run the risk of mould building up inside them. A mouldy douche won’t just do a bad job of cleaning, but it can even give you infections which you’d definitely want to avoid. 

Shower Shot Douches

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Some douches are designed to attach directly to your shower, so you can simply douche while you clean the rest of your body. Shower douches, or shower shots, can attach directly to the faucet, be screwed onto your shower hose instead of the shower head, or even be an attachment which is permanently there alongside the normal shower head.  

Your choice of shower douche will usually be dictated by how often you plan to use it. Someone who is douching daily will likely want one the attaches to their set-up, whereas an infrequent doucher will likely be completely happy with the extra work of replacing their shower hose once in a while.   

It doesn’t matter which sort of shower douche you prefer, in practise they will be basically the same. One important thing to mention is that you need to be extremely careful with these kinds of douches as there are several risks. 

The pipes in most houses don’t actually carry a consistent level of pressure, so suddenly a lot more water can come out without you expecting it. This creates a large risk as an influx of higher pressure can rupture your rectum. You also need to take great care not to burn yourself so thoroughly check the water before you start putting it in your body. 

Water Bag Douches

These douches are a bit more like an enema than the more standard douches. It usually has a liquid bag rather than a bulb, that can be filled with a much larger amount of liquid than the standard douche bulb. Rather than squeezing the liquid out, with these douches you simply hang the bag up and allow gravity to do the work itself!

The main benefit to these douches is simply the much larger amount of liquid they can hold. It makes the entire process much easier, and lets you get a greater volume of liquid into your rectum. You can clean yourself out much more thoroughly with a water bag douche. 

Disposable Douches

A disposable douche is the last common douche type you’ll come across. Most of the time these look exactly the same as a standard bulb douche, but just much smaller.

Unsurprisingly, the main benefit to a disposable douche is that you can simply throw it away when you’re done. You can pack several of these smaller variants into your bags while travelling and not have to worry about carrying around and cleaning your normal douche. 

Over time disposable douches will work out more expensive so they aren’t a great permanent solution, but for business trips or holidays they are great! 

Whether you go for the tried and true bulb douche, or something a little more exotic or portable, you need to make sure that you’re using them safely. Always use plenty of lubrication when inserting things into your anus and thoroughly clean everything off after use. Douching dangerously can be much worse than not douching at all!