Sex Toys That Feel Like A Tongue

According to the Kinsey Institute, around 71% of people consider oral sex as to count as “sex”. However, you view it, one thing is certainly clear here. Whenever you indulge in oral sex, the tongue plays an important role in your pleasure.

There have been claims that the tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the body.

Whether or not that turns out to be true, it’s certainly a powerful factor when it comes to oral sex.

Tongue Tied

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to the tongue than just being the organ responsible for the sense of taste and the home of thousands of taste buds.

The tongue is an essential part of the digestive system as it helps in proper chewing and swallowing. Also, it is pretty important in our ability to talk and to communicate.

In the confines of our bedrooms (or any private place of your choosing for that matter), the tongue plays a pivotal role in the art of oral sex.

Yes, the tongue can bring you pleasure like no other body part!

Oral Sex Fixation

When we speak of oral sex, it involves the stimulation of your partner’s private parts using your lips, mouth and tongue.

To be more specific, there’s fellatio (oral penis stimulation), cunnilingus (oral clitoris, vulva or vagina stimulation) and anilingus (oral anal stimulation). Whichever you choose, they all have one thing in common - the tongue!

To make your oral sex experience memorable and comfortable, make sure your partner gives you the go signal. Remember that consent is very, very important!

Also, make sure you are able to savor the godly sight that’s right in front of your eyes. Take time to observe what your partner has to offer - the size, its every ridge, contour and crease, its color and so much more.

Allow yourself to feel everything - the hardness, the softness, the plumpness, by making use of your hands.

And lastly, use that tongue and work your way towards your partner’s genitals to give them the oral action that he or she deserves.

Tongue and Toys

There are probably no right words to describe exactly how oral sex feels like to both the giver and the receiver. However, based on what we know, it’s usually wet, warm and wild!

As mentioned earlier, the tongue plays a pretty big role when it comes to oral sex.

And if you are looking for an alternative or an add-on to all the tongue action that you might find yourself in, consider checking out these sex toys that can take your oral sex experience to a whole level!

Tongue Vibrators

Take your oral sex play to the next level with the help of a tongue vibrator! If you love the feeling of your clit being flicked, then you will dig the benefits that tongue vibrators bring to the table.

This kind of oral sex toy was designed to give you exciting and titillating licking sensations by directly stimulating the clitoris.

When it comes to tongue vibrators, there are actually two different types you can choose from.

  • Tongue-like Vibrators: This particular type can be likened to oral sex simulators. A tongue-like vibrator can mimic the effects, movements and sensations of the tongue on the clitoris.

    Given the things it can do, a tongue-like vibrator is definitely something that you will want to try during your solo play or your foreplay with your partner.

  • On-Tongue Vibrators (Tongue Ring): Be prepared for a vibrator that goes on your tongue. Yes, unlike to the other type, you have to put this one on your tongue. Once you’ve got that on, it would certainly enhance the oral sex experience. With its vibrating motion, it would certainly add extra stimulation and sensation to all the oral sex action that you are getting!

Buy it and tongue it…

If you are thinking of new and exciting things to enhance your oral sex skills and experiences, try introducing sex toys that work like a dream and mimic the actions that of our tongues when they come close to a dick or a pussy.

There are a variety of sex toys that feel and move like our tongues out in the market today.

While there might be some that won't work for you, know that there are countless other options available at your disposal!

All you have to do is find the one that best suits your needs, put it in your shopping cart and ring it up!