Purpose of Anal Douching

Anal douching is generally quite a simple process. Using an anal douche, you push liquid into your rectum to help wash away and debris, bacteria and faecal matter that is left behind after you visit the bathroom.

Douches have two simple parts, a bulb and a nozzle. The nozzle is inserted into your anus and you squeeze the bulb to push the liquid in. After holding it for a little while, you expel the liquid along with anything else that was left in your rectum.

One very common thing people often wonder though is, why bother?

When our bodies are functioning as they should be, they do a perfectly acceptable job of cleaning themselves. If our body can get the job done on its own, then why do we need to douche at all?

Everyone can have their own reasons, but overall it can be roughly divided between recreational douching and medical douching.

Recreational Douching

For the majority of people, the reason they choose to douche will be recreational. This type of douching isn’t recommended by doctors, or needed for any particular reason, but rather done for a more personal reason.

How you go about your douching, or even the equipment you choose to use will be entirely shaped by what you want to get out of the process.

The most common reason someone will want to douche recreationally is in preparation for anal sex. While our bodies do a great job at cleaning themselves out on a regular basis, there will always be some leftover faeces. This often finds its way onto your sex toys or even your man’s penis.

While this is a completely natural thing, sometimes it can really kill the mood and put you off sex!

Others find it more a hygiene concern and would prefer not to have old bits of poop flying around.

Either way, being sure that you have a clean rectum can take a lot of the pressure off and leave you feeling much more comfortable about the whole experience.

In particular, those in new relationships might not be completely comfortable with the chances of their new partner ending up with faeces on their penis, so making sure everything is gone can be a massive weight off your shoulders.

Others might find that social pressures essentially force them to regularly douche. This is particularly common among homosexual men, with an expectation among your peers that if you will be receiving anal sex, you should have a clean rectum.

Not douching and having your partner’s penis get dirty can bring shame to the individual and make it much harder to attract future partners.

Medical Douching

The other scenario in which someone might commonly douche is a medical one. Doctors can recommend douching for many different reasons, from simple constipation to any number of intestinal problems.

Whatever their reason, if your doctor does recommend that you take up anal douching, be sure to follow their instructions thoroughly. Douching too often or with an incorrect technique could cause more damage than good.

Whether or not you decide to start anal douching is entirely up to you. Some go their whole lives without ever considering it and live perfectly happy and healthy lives.

While their rectums might never be completely clean, most of these people will simply learn to live with some of the negatives of leftover faeces.

On the other hand, some douche religiously, making sure to be clean before any anal sex session and sometimes even just for that fresh feeling.

Whichever camp you fall into, just be sure that you’re douching safely and sensibly. There’s nothing worse than permanently damaging your butt with something that’s meant to make things better!

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