Enemas Vs Anal Douches

Enemas Vs Anal Douches

When it comes to rectal cleaning, the two options you’ll be presented with are anal douches and enemas. Choosing between them can be a difficult process. There are many different factors to consider, each playing a part in which you choose to use. This article aims to cover these factors and help you make a decision.

The Basics: What Are Douches and Enemas?

Anal douches are generally the smaller of the two. They consist of a bulb and a nozzle, both of which have massively varying designs. Liquid is put into the bulb and then squeezed into the rectum through the anus. Most douches are able to hold a few hundred millilitres of fluid in one go.

Enemas are very similar, but there are a few key differences. Rather than having a bulb, enemas have a bag which hold the liquid. There is still a nozzle, but instead of being connected directly to the bag, it is found at the end of a long tube. Enemas are generally much larger than douches and can hold a lot more liquid, sometimes even several litres. They look a lot like medical IV drips. 

Douches Vs Enemas: Use

Anal douches are used to clean inside the anus as far as the rectum. The nozzle is inserted into the anus and the bulb is lightly squeezed to force the liquid inside. Once inside, you hold the liquids for a short period of time before expelling them. This carries any leftover faeces and bacteria out of your body.

Enemas are similar in use, but designed to clean much deeper into the body, even as far as the colon or lower intestine! The nozzle is still inserted into the anus and the bag filled with liquid just like an anal douche. 

The difference though, is rather than squeezing the bag to force the liquid out, the bag is hung up at a higher level than your body. Gravity naturally pulls the liquid down the tube and slowly fills the rectum and colon with the fluid in a much gentler fashion. Enemas normally take a lot longer to perform than douching, but the cleaning it produces is much more thorough. 

Douches Vs Enemas: Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning them, both enemas and douches are almost identical. You might have a disposable kit, in which case you’ll simply need to dispose of it properly. If you have a reusable kit, then you should properly clean all of the parts as well as the surrounding area after every single use. This prevents bacteria from building up which massively reduces the chances of you suffering any infections.

Douches Vs Enemas: Price

Large Douche Anal Beads

From the perspective of price, there aren’t any huge differences between enemas and douches. There will be cheaper and more expensive versions of both.

Generally, the more expensive versions of each will be those made with higher quality materials that will last much longer. The cheaper versions tend to be made of lower quality materials which are more likely to break and will be more difficult to keep clean. Disposable versions also tend to be much cheaper but given the need to replace them regularly, they work out more expensive in the long run. 

Generally, price shouldn’t be a large factor in whether you choose a douche or an enema. 

Douches Vs Enemas: What Are They Like?

The feel of the process is one of the largest differences between enemas and anal douches. Anal douching is much quicker, as you simply squeeze the fluid in and then expel it when done. This takes much less time.

Enemas are much slower, as not only do you need to wait for gravity to slowly pull the fluid into your body, but it also takes much longer to fill your insides as the fluid goes much deeper. As you let the fluid gradually flow into your body, enemas are much gentler than douches where the fluid is forced inside.

For people who don’t find the feeling of fluid inside them uncomfortable, they’ll probably enjoy enemas much more than douching. On the other hand, if you just want to get things over and done with as quickly as possible then a douche is ideal. 

Enemas Vs Douches: Safety

Both anal douching and enemas carry some level of risk with them. Overall, douches will usually be the safer option. The fluid doesn’t travel as far in your body, so there simply less that can go wrong. Enemas carry most of the same risks but carry them further into your body so overall are more dangerous.

Whichever you choose, you need to make sure that you are using the correct techniques, and that you aren’t using them too often. 

Enemas Vs Douches: Which Should You Choose?

If the points we’ve covered so far haven’t helped you make a decision, then the best option might simply be to try both out! Experiencing them for yourself are the only way to truly get a feeling for which you prefer and whether or not the extra cleaning from enemas is worth it. Whichever way you go, both let you get your anus sparkly clean and ready for some anal penetration.