Can You Re-Use Anal Douches?

One question you might have when first getting started with anal douching is whether or not you can re-use them. It’s a relatively simple question and has a similarly simple answer. Whether or not you can re-use your douche depends on which one you buy!

Reusable Anal Douches

Most standard anal douches are reusable. They consist of a simple bulb and nozzle, and both parts can be separated from each other, so you can properly clean them after use.. They can come in a variety of sizes, letting you choose exactly how much water you want to insert at once.

Single Use Anal Douches

Single use douches tend to be much smaller than standard anal douches. They are almost identical in design to regular douches, with the nozzle detaching from the bulb for you to fill it with water. As they are designed to be disposable though, single use douches will usually be made of much lower quality materials that are nearly impossible to effectively clean.

Which Type of Douche Should You Use?

When choosing between single use or reusable douches, it largely just comes down to your own preferences.

In terms of price, both are around the same. A reusable douche will be more expensive as an individual piece, but disposables come in larger packs with many more individual douches. Obviously the longer you use them, the more disposable douches you’ll need to buy, so eventually it will work out more expensive.

In terms of hygiene, disposable douches are the clear winner (as long as you do actually get rid of them after a single use!). As each one is only used for a single douching session, there is a much lower risk of cross contamination or contracting infections from them.

If quality is your main concern, then you should go for a reusable douche. These tend to be made of much higher quality than disposables so will nearly always be better.

In terms of size, both are good for different reasons. Disposable douches will typically be much smaller than reusable douches. If you are travelling, or have difficulty inserting some of the larger douches, then disposables would be ideal for you.

The smaller size does have its downsides though. A disposable douche can generally hold a lot less liquid than a reusable one, so you might have to refill it several times during a session. For ease of use, reusable douches tend to win out because of this.

In short, yes, you can re-use your anal douches. But you do need to make sure you’re picking up the right one. If you do go for a reusable douche, then try to pick up a high quality one too. There’s no point going with a re-usable one if you end up having to replace it every couple of weeks anyway!

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