Can I Really Put Glass In My Ass - An Introduction To Glass Dildos

Is it an inventive new type of sex toy? Is it a piece of modern art? Is it a decorative item to put on your mantelpiece to make your living room seem a bit more welcoming when company comes to call? Or could it possibly be…all of the above?

Why, it could be!

Because it's none other than a glass dildo!

At first glance, it might seem like the sort of object which you put out on your coffee table during a fancy dinner party or lunch gathering. It's shiny and colorful.

It's covered with decorations - swirling, looping patterns, gentle ribs, perhaps even a heart or jewel or flower shape at the tip.

It seems delicate, but when you pick it up, you feel its surprising weight resting comfortably in your hand, bringing with it a feeling of strength and security.

It definitely doesn't look like the kind of thing designed to be powerfully thrust deep into your vagina or perhaps your asshole. To put it absolutely bluntly, it barely even looks like a dildo.

But, for many people, this is the "charm point" of a glass dildo - it combines a beautiful, elegant and even artistic appearance with a sturdy, durable functionality which is perfect for getting the job done.

With all of these amazing qualities, it's no wonder that we're absolutely mad about glass dildos here at Lovegasm.

And we are so pumped to help you - our loyal, adventurous and kinky customers - get excited about their arrival in our catalog as well. But we know that those of you who are being introduced to the concept of a glass dildo for the first time might be a little bit nervous.

After all, on the outside, they look delicate, even fragile - and probably not much like any kind of sex toy which you've ever seen before. But there's no need to fear!

That's exactly why we've created this super helpful guide - to teach you everything there is to know about the care, use, cleaning and storage of your new glass dildo.

We promise that, after reading this article, you'll be able to head over to our catalog and purchase one - or perhaps even several - with total confidence and zero fear!

Meet the Glass Dildo

The idea of making dildos out of unique materials isn't exactly new to humankind. Archaeologists have excavated cock-shaped objects made from bronze, baked clay, wood, animal bone or tusk, and even gold from burial sites and abandoned cities all around the world.

Some historians even theorize that the glass dildo might have a similarly long and storied history - although, because ancient glassblowing techniques could not create a material strong enough to survive centuries of wear without breaking, the search for conclusive evidence to prove this hypothesis is still ongoing.

Regardless, our point is, humankind is a species which has long been noted as being extremely inventive when it comes to the design and manufacture of our instruments of self-pleasure.

Despite knowing this information, many people are initially rather nervous about the idea of inserting a glass tool into the most sensitive parts of their body.

And it's not hard to understand where these people are coming from - as a society, we tend to think of glass as a fragile, breakable substance, used primarily in the creation of decorative items which do little more than sit around houses or restaurants and look pretty.

After all, how many of us grew up being warned by our parents and grandparents not to touch the glass figurines on the mantelpiece, or the glass ornaments hanging from the Christmas tree?

Fortunately, the glass used in the manufacture of dildos is far from the thin, fragile type which you might find decorating a living room or Christmas tree.

Glass dildos are in fact made from a type of medical grade extra strength material officially named "borosilicate" but more commonly referred to as "Pyrex glass" or simply "Pyrex," after the brand which most directly contributed to its widespread popularity.

Pyrex glass is extremely sturdy and has a low thermal expansion value - meaning, in layman's terms, that it remains just as durable when exposed to extreme temperatures of both the hot and cold variety.

You have probably encountered Pyrex glass at some point in your lifetime. In fact, it's very likely that you have some in your house or apartment right now!

Pyrex is the material of choice for many common kitchen goods and accessories including casserole pans, measuring cups and mixing bowls. It's also often used in hospitals and chemistry labs to make beakers, vials and other containers which need to be strong enough to store dangerous, reactive chemicals without risk of breaking or shattering.

So let that be a source of confidence for you: your glass dildo is no more likely to break while inside you than a casserole pan is to explode in the oven, or a beaker is to develop cracks when filled with mysterious bubbling chemicals. It is in fact one of the safest and sturdiest sex toys which you could possibly purchase.

The Unique Benefits of the Glass Dildo: Business

We already talked about the strong, sturdy, durable nature and low risk of breakability associated with dildos made from borosilicate or Pyrex glass.

However, did you know that that one of a kind strength is far from the only thing that these awesome sex toys have going for them? Because it's true! Glass dildos, in fact, have a ton of fantastic benefits which make them a great choice to purchase for nervous newbies and adventurous veteran kinksters alike.

First of all, let's stick with talking about the many advantages of Pyrex glass for another moment. In addition to being durable, Pyrex is entirely resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, insects, germs and any other kind of potential nasty which might like to make its home somewhere warm and wet.

Just what is it about borosilicate that gives it this amazing resistance?

First off, it's not warm - the natural state of glass is in fact extremely cool, and your dildo will quickly cool down even after being exposed to the warmth of your vagina or asshole. This will make bacteria and mold especially unlikely to want to stick around.

In addition, borosilicate glass is nonporous - meaning that, unlike plastic, rubber, or elastomer jelly, there are no miniscule holes located anywhere along the length of the finished dildo.

This nonporous nature contributes to Pyrex glass's ability to resist infestation by all sorts of local creepy-crawlies.

The holes or "pores" found in some dildo materials can trap small amounts of lube, sweat, saliva, semen or female ejaculate fluid unless the toy is given an extremely thorough cleaning followed by a sterilization.

Forget to clean off your lesser dildo even once, and you might quickly begin to notice a particular foul scent as mold or mildew begins to take up residence inside your favorite toy.

Of course, this drastically decreases the lifespan of a toy - once it no longer smells or feels good, plus potentially presents a health and safety risk, you've pretty much got no option but to throw the dildo out and replace it.

With glass, there's absolutely no chance of this ever happening! Your dildo will stay clean, fresh, and bacteria-free for years and years!

Plus, dildos made from Pyrex glass are extremely easy to clean. As we said, they're extremely resistant to both high and low temperatures, meaning that they can be safely cleaned off using hot water, which will remove any leftover lube or other fluids without any problems.

Some of our staff members even recommended boiling the toys in a pot of water on the stove top after each use, citing the sterilization effects provided by the boiling water as effective for destroying any bacteria or other remaining nasties which the dildo might have picked up.

Of course, we always suggest purchasing an antibacterial sex toy cleaner to provide that little extra touch of safety and cleanliness.

Some glass dildos may be safely washed in the dishwasher, similar to your Pyrex glass kitchen accessories.

However, we recommend thoroughly researching and reading up on your dildo's properties before putting it in the dishwasher to make absolutely sure that it can handle it.

Other household appliances, such as the clothes washer, dryer, and especially the microwave, should NEVER be used to clean your glass dildos after use.

If we could return for just a moment to the nonporous nature of Pyrex glass, it in fact brings with it another advantage in addition to cleanliness and durability.

In fact, glass dildos are completely one hundred percent compatible with any type of certified sexual lubricant.

Yes, that means thinner water-based lubes, scented oil-based ones, and thick silicone-based options which are great for anal play - they all work!

Unlike silicone and certain other dildo materials, no incompatibilities exist with any of the common lube types, meaning that your glass dildo is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of different scenarios and types of play.

Although it is highly unlikely that your glass dildo will ever break or even develop any chips or cracks, we do still recommend wrapping it up in something soft when storing it, so it does not roll or rub against other sex toys in your collection.

The best option for this is a cloth bag made from a soft, impact-absorbing material such as satin or velvet.

However, if you do not have a bag of the right size to store your dildo in, you can easily create a similarly effective substitute by wrapping your dildo in a scarf, an old T-shirt or a blanket, towel or other similar piece of fabric.

If at any time you DO notice that your glass dildo has developed a chip or crack, have it repaired or purchase a new one immediately.

Do not attempt to use a damaged dildo for sexual play, and especially do not put it inside you. Fractures will most likely damage a dildo's integrity, and make it more likely that the damage will quickly spread.

In addition, chips or cracks can result in sharp edges which feel uncomfortable and even painful against the soft, sensitive flesh of your body.

The Unique Benefits of the Glass Dildo: Pleasure

But, as I'm sure you all know, a dildo's worth lies in so much more than mere factors such as health, safety and cleanliness.

You're probably thinking "okay, great, I can clean them easily and they won't pick up any germs, that's nice, but how do they FEEL".

After all, the safest, sturdiest and most durable dildo wouldn't sell a single unit if it didn't feel good shoved deep inside your body's most sensitive holes.

Luckily, pleasure is another area in which glass dildos' performance can only be described as "excellent".

They are firm and solid to the touch, and they provide a similar feeling of satisfactory fullness when they are being used for penetration.

Fans of that pleasant tingling burn which comes from stretching out your vaginal or anal walls to their absolute max will definitely adore the feel of a glass dildo inside them.

Plus, as an added bonus, being less "squishy" than other types of dildo means that glass dildos are the perfect choice for firmly pounding against your G-spot or prostate with each thrust.

Some customers complain that soft silicone or elastomer jelly dildos can never give them quite the feeling they're looking for - even once they've located their G-spot or prostate, the head of the dildo merely feels like it is brushing lightly against it, and the stimulation never quite reaches the level of bringing them to a pleasurable full-body orgasm.

With glass dildos, you will never have that problem - you will feel every touch, stroke and rub against your insides because of the firm texture of your exciting new toy.

(Don't worry, ladies - that firm, cool touch of glass works just as well when stimulating your clitoris, if that's the kind of sensation which you need to bring yourself over the edge in the most spectacular way).

For the most part, glass dildos match other materials and styles in regards to the number of customization options available to make sure that each dildo perfectly matches each customer's unique preferences.

Unfortunately, because they are made by hand and usually formed in one solid shape using glass blowing techniques, most glass dildos are not capable of vibrating.

However, if you are someone who absolutely needs vibration to finish, you can fix this small issue by pairing your glass dildo with a tiny bullet vibrator which is perfect for stimulating sensitive spots such as the clitoris or the head of the penis.

Aside from this, however, practically every customization option under the sun is available for your choosing. Any shape, size or design you want can be yours.

You can go for realistic - a vein-decorated shaft, bulbous head and a pair of round glass balls - or try out something a little more fantastic with ridges, bumps, knots or beads.

Want a curved shape to better stroke your G-spot or prostate? You've got it!

Have a favorite color or want a glass dildo in the perfect shade to match some sexy new lingerie? Absolutely doable!

Interested in trying something that looks like a heart, or a rose, or a fairy princess's wand? Your imagination is the only limit!

Speaking of pleasing aesthetics, it's no secret that glass dildos rank first among the common dildo varieties when it comes to looks.

For beauty and elegance, glass dildos are head and shoulders - or would that be cock and balls? - above the rest of the competition.

Rather than being mass-produced in molds like plastic, silicone or elastomer dildos tend to be, each glass dildo is handcrafted into a one of a kind design using glass blowing techniques which have been passed down for generations.

Most if not all manufacturers of glass dildos employ expert glass blowers from European countries such as Switzerland or Germany, each one having studied and honed their craft for decades, in order to ensure that each model they produce is a work of art capable of providing visual pleasure as well as tactile.

As a result, glass dildos possess an exceptional beauty which no other type of sex toy can match.

Even the simplest clear ones glitter and sparkle like icicles, catching and reflecting the surrounding light as though they were made of only the finest diamonds.

And of course, that's only the tip of the penis when it comes to the beautiful designs available for purchase. Many glass dildos feature beautiful colored patterns of lines, ribs or abstract dots or swirls decorating their surface.

Others are a solid but elegant color: rose pink, delicate purple, even a tempting bright red or deep midnight blue.

Some are crafted into shapes inspired by nature's most beautiful formations, from flowers to icicles to the peaks of mountains.

As we mentioned way back at the beginning of this article, many glass dildos are so beautiful that it is impossible to tell at first glance that their true purpose is to serve as sex toys rather than decorative home accessories.

The sheer beauty and elegance of glass dildos has grown so much in popularity that, in recent years, manufacturers have even begun to experiment with shaping other types of toys from glass as well.

Currently, both glass butt plugs and glass anal beads can be purchased - head over to the relevant sections of our site to learn more!

But the number one reason behind the popularity of glass dildos is not their sturdiness, their versatility, their durability or their beauty.

In fact, there is one advantage so great it even outweighs all of these other amazing facets combined.

What could be so wonderful, you ask, so desirable that it practically started the glass dildo fad all on its own?

Why, we are referring, of course, to nothing other than the unparalleled ability of glass dildos to be used for temperature play.

You're Hot, Then You're Cold: Glass Dildos and Temperature Play

The term "temperature play" refers to a kinky, sensual experience in which varying amounts of heat and/or cold are applied to sensitive parts of the body in order to provide stimulation and pleasure.

Why is temperature play so effective, you might ask? Well, to put it bluntly, our bodies are incredibly sensitive - our skin keenly feels even the slightest variation of a few degrees.

Plus, the feelings of heat and cold - as long as they are not so extreme as to be dangerous to our health or safety - feel good to our bodies.

Think about how everything from your cheeks to your toes flush red on a warm summer day, or about how minutely you can feel every hair on your arm stand up or every goosebump forming on every inch of skin when you had the misfortune of walking outside in the winter without a jacket.

The concept of sex toys or sexual accessories created for the purpose of engaging in temperature play is nothing new. For example, many types of lube are capable of becoming colder when they touch your skin or warmer when they are rubbed between your hands prior to application.

One could also argue that the entire nipple and genital piercing industry arose out of an enjoyment of temperature-based sensations - the cold feeling of metal against the softest parts of you and your partner's bodies is cited by many as the primary reason why they decided to go for such a piercing in the first place.

Of course, metal dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, restraints and many other toys have also been created which can be heated or chilled in a similar manner (read more here).

If you're into temperature play, you're in luck - the kink community has truly come a long way since ice cubes and melted candle wax were the only ways to bring a little heat or cold into the bedroom!

Just what makes glass dildos (and other glass sex toys) in particular so excellent when it comes to temperature-focused bedroom activities?

Well, this is because borosilicate or Pyrex glass starts off cold, meaning it takes little effort to chill even further - but it also quickly and easily acclimates to the temperature of the surrounding area, meaning that it will warm up in absolutely no time should that be what you desire instead.

Plus, as we mentioned earlier in this article, borosilicate undergoes very minimal thermal expansion, meaning that it can be safely heated or chilled to fairly extreme temperatures without ever needing to worry about potential breakage or other damage.

If you're not into temperature play, you might be disappointed when you first take your new glass dildo out of its packaging and discover that it is rather cold to the touch. However, you will find that it begins to warm up as soon as it touches your skin and, within just a few minutes of play, it matches your body temperature closely.

This is another reason why glass dildos are so great for self-pleasure - once properly warmed up and acclimated to the heat of your body, they feel smooth, silky and warm. Many users have expressed both disbelief and appreciation at just how close glass can truly feel to real human skin!

If you are into temperature play, however, we've got some tips and tricks for making your experience both as safe and sensual as possible.

Our first and most important piece of advice is this: get your dildo to the desired temperature SLOWLY and GRADUALLY. Why is this important, do you ask?

Well, while Pyrex glass is extremely temperature resistant, and does not damage easily, one of the few things which can cause it to slowly lose its integrity is by exposing it to several drastic changes in temperature in short succession. So don't just drop it into a pot of boiling water or stick it in the freezer as soon as your toy arrives.

Go slow, go gradual - both you and your dildo will be much happier for it.

A good idea for starting out is to warm up your dildo gently and slowly by placing it in a bowl of slightly warm (but NOT boiling hot) water for heat play, or a bowl of ice water for cold play.

Before putting the dildo into the water, test it out by putting a few drops on your arm or leg to make sure that the temperature is comfortable and not painful for you. Leave the dildo to soak for a few minutes, making sure to check up on it every few minutes until it has reached your desired temperature.

Once again, test things out by gently rubbing the dildo against your arm or leg before using it to penetrate yourself.

If it is too hot or too cold and feels uncomfortable to the touch, dry it off and give it a few minutes to return to room temperature and then try again with a different water temperature.

If you're planning on a long, sensual session, do remember that your glass dildo will gradually warm up or cool down over time as it adjusts to your body temperature.

If you want to keep the temperature play going for a sustained period of time, we recommend keeping your bowl of warm or cold water next to the bed (or wherever else you are playing) and occasionally re-soaking your dildo once it has gone back to neutral temperature levels.

Just don't forget to re-apply lube after each soak, as the water will probably cause whatever lube you are using to wash off.

In general, we don't recommend putting your dildo in the freezer or microwave, as these can potentially be unsafe environments which could lead to your toy sustaining damage or degrading in quality and integrity.

However, if you're looking for some "cold play" that's a little more extreme than a simple bowl of water, you can try putting it into the refrigerator - just the fridge, never the freezer - for a few minutes.

Don't leave it in there too long and, as always, test the dildo's surface on a non-genital patch of skin before going ahead with penetration.

For warmth, a bowl of appropriate temperature water is still probably your best option, although you can feel free to experiment with alternatives such as wrapping it up in a bundle of warm cloth, putting it near a lamp or indoor heating unit, or expose it to a heating pad or electric blanket for a few minutes.

Warming lubes are also a great option - remember, glass dildos are fully compatible with all types of lube on the market!

Keep in mind that, in general, you do not need to reach as "extreme" a temperature for your body to take pleasure in heat play, as the human body temperature is naturally high and our brains are wired to seek warmth, which they typically associate with positive sensations such as safety and pleasure.

After a temperature play session, make sure to clean any remaining water or lube off your glass dildo so that it will be nice, smooth, clean and dry for the next time you plan on bringing it to bed.

We also recommend leaving it to sit out on a table or shelf before putting it into storage, as this will give the dildo time to regulate itself and return to room temperature.

This also benefits you as your dildo will be ready to go and will need less temperature adjusting the next time that you get it out.

Now that you've learned all about glass dildos, of course the next step is to pick out one - or perhaps even a few more - of your very own! Head on over to our catalog to browse our extensive selection of glass dildos which we have available for purchase.

If you want a glass dildo but are still undecided about which model would be best for you, take a look at our "Glass Dildo Recommendations" article found here.

In that helpful guide, we suggest excellent glass dildo options both for beginners and for veteran kinksters who are interested in trying something new.

If you would also like to learn about how glass can be used to create many other types of exciting, pleasurable and easy to use sex toys, why not take a look at our glass anal beads or glass butt plug sections as well?

Our thorough, informative Lovegasm site is just stuffed to the brim with tips, tricks and recommendations regarding every type and style of sex toy which you could possibly imagine!

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