Best Way to Make her Come/Cum

Pleasuring Your Girl: The Best Ways to Make Her Come

Here’s a not-so-fun-fact: According to a Cosmopolitan survey, 67% of women have faked orgasms in their lives.

Among those who said they were merely faking it, 38% said it was due to inadequate clitoral stimulation while 35% said they were not getting the right clitoral stimulation.

Based on these reasons, there are actually some things that guys can do to change things around.

While there are women out there who may have difficulty achieving orgasm for various other reasons, there are those who just might need an extra push or two!

No Need To Fake It Till You Make It

Whether a guy can tell if a girl is faking her orgasm or not, there is nothing more disappointing than knowing you were not able to do what you set out to do which is to make sure she comes during sex.

Before you start sulking, there are actually some things that you can do to make sure your girl explodes in pure unadulterated pleasure without having to fake it!

First And Foremost: Foreplay

Before anything else, you have to make sure that your girl is ready and wet enough before you start dipping your penis into her vagina.

In order to increase lubrication, start with kissing, hugging and caressing your partner.

A well-lubricated vagina is very important when it comes to having comfortable and pleasurable intercourse.

When it comes to foreplay, make sure you take the time. There is no need to rush!

Foreplay plays a part in relaxing a woman’s mind and putting her in the mood for sex.

Through foreplay, she is able to take in all of her sexual desires in anticipation of the stimulation that you will be giving her and her body.

Focus On The Clit

One of the best foreplay moves that you can do is to stimulate her clitoris.

The clitoris is home to about 8,000 nerve endings and is the body’s primary source of sexual pleasure.

Located in the front part of the female vulva and under the clitoral hood, the clitoris is similar to the penis. It swells, enlarges and becomes more sensitive as a woman becomes sexually aroused.

During foreplay, make sure you are able to stimulate the clitoris.

Clitoral stimulation is perhaps one of the easiest ways for women to orgasm.

In one study conducted in the US, it was found that about 2 out of 3 people who had heterosexual sex required clitoral stimulation during sex in order to orgasm or that clitoral stimulation helped in intensifying their orgasm.

If you are down to give your girl the clitoral stimulation she needs, get between her legs, make her feel comfortable and use every oral sex trick you know.

To add to this, make use of your fingers! The combination of clitoral stimulation and finger insertion can intensify her orgasm!

Use These Toys, Boys!

If you are looking for something to help you with your mission to make your girl come, take advantage of the various sex toys in the market today. If you are wondering what the best ones are, here are some toys that you should definitely check out.


If your girl is looking for something that has the same feeling as a real penis during penetration, use a dildo! This type of sex toy comes in different lengths, widths, and shapes. Remember this when you are shopping for one.

You might want to check out the ones that are slightly curved as these can give the clitoris and G-spot more direct action. Also, to maximize the dildo, consider using it either vaginally and anally.


Similar to dildos, vibrators also come in different sizes and shapes.

The difference is that vibrators come with various stimulating motions that can give women the sensation that they are looking for right then and there. When you have got a handy small vibrator, you can use the soft vibrating motion on the different parts of the body like the neck, back, nipples, lower tummy, and pelvis.

Once she's feeling it, make sure you check that she is well lubricated. If she is not wet enough, things can get uncomfortable. If she is more than ready, let it touch her clitoris, slowly plunging the vibrator inside her.

Don't forget to experiment with the vibrating function so as to test which motions work best for your girl!

Lube It Up

Here’s something that you should always remember: wetter is better!

With just a dollop of lubricant squeezed into your hand and applied on a woman’s genitals, her erotic sensitivity will increase, helping her achieve the orgasms she deserves.

One of the most widely used and available lube is saliva. It’s wet and free but it dries rather quickly. As an alternative, pick a commercial lubricant!

There are various types of lubricants such as the following:

  • Water-based
  • Silicone-based
  • Oil-based

Choose the one that would suit your woman's needs.

If you are using a toy, make sure you read the instructions to find out which type of lubricant will work best.

Best Positions To Make Her Come

If you want to make the most of your sexual coupling, do away with the basics and try different positions. The following positions are said to be some of the best when it comes to making sure your girl comes in no time!


Let your girl take the reins! When she's on top, let her control the angle, speed, and depth of the penetration.

Through this position, she is able to get the stimulation she needs.

To make sure that she can come from the cowgirl position, reach down to rub her clit or use a toy!


If the two of you don’t mind looking like a pretzel, then the Lotus position is a must try!

In this position, the guy sits down and crosses his legs like a twisted knot. Once the guy is in position, the girl sits on his lap with her legs wrapped around his back.

For extra measure, the girl can wrap her ankles behind the guy as well!

The Lotus is perhaps one of the intimate positions because of the face-to-face factor which gives you the chance to kiss each other.

Also, to make sure that you are able to enjoy every bit of action from this position, remember that rocking works more than the usual thrusting motion.

The Up And Over

When you want to try this position, you are in for some perks - thrusting and deep penetration at the same time!

Before the guy gets into position, the girl should lie on her back with a pillow under her butt.

Once her hips are lifted, she should bring her legs up, backing towards her shoulders. Imagine being folded in half.

When in position, the guy should go ahead and thrust deeper and deeper.

In the middle of the action, once the both of you have gotten your grooves on, the girl should move her legs now as the guy gets into the CAT or coital-alignment-technique position.

Doggy Style

If there's one position that hits two birds with one stone, consider Doggy Style.

Apart from delivering clitoral stimulation that leads to the best position to orgasm, it also provides intense G-spot sensations.

The doggy provides easy access to the clitoris. When in position, you can reach between your girl's legs, stimulate her clit and help her orgasm!

If you are worried about height differences making it hard to master the doggy position, add a pillow under the girl’s knees.

You can also make use of a piece of furniture found in your home!

If you think that this position can take a toll on the body, try putting a pillow under the tummy.

Reverse Cowgirl With A Twist

When it comes to this position, think the usual reverse cowgirl but with a slight variation.

Once the couple is in position, the guy bends one knee with his foot flat on the bed. By bending the knee, this raises his thigh in front of you, enabling you to grind against as you start rocking your hips.

Sit And Straddle

When it comes to this position, think the usual reverse cowgirl but with a slight variation.

Once the couple is in position, the guy bends one knee with his foot flat on the bed. By bending the knee, this raises his thigh in front of you, enabling you to grind against as you start rocking your hips.

For the girl to avoid getting tired from doing the up and down movement, swaying forward and back might is a great alternative as the clitoral area is going rub against the guy.

If the couple is seeking an even greater stimulation, the girl should lean back a bit as the guy can reach down and play with her clitoris.

As a bonus, since the boobs will be aligned with the guy’s mouth, it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity and play around with them!

The Sticky Scissors

For this position, it starts with lying perpendicular to each other.

The girl should be on her back while the guy faces her on his side. One of the girl’s legs goes between the guy’s while the other is draped over his hips. With this angle, the guy's top leg is pressed against the girl's vulva while there is penetration.

For clitoral stimulation that would ultimately lead to orgasm, the girl should grind against the guy's inner thigh as he slowly pumps into her.

Woman On Top – Reverse Cowgirl

If there's a go-to position that people go for to achieve orgasm, it has to be" woman on top".

This position gives the woman the control when it comes to setting the pace and the depth of thrusting but at the same time, gives the man easy access to the clit.

Given the amazing benefits of the "woman on top" position, if you feel like experiencing all that and more, you might want to do something different like turn 180 degrees!

This is what we call the reverse version of "woman on top" or “reverse cowgirl”.

Instead of the usual position, the girl twists around with her facing the guy's feet. Instead of straddling, the girl puts her legs together with her feet flat between the guy's legs.

When the couple manages to get the hang of this position, the sensations will even be more intense as there would be an increase in internal stimulation.

When these sensations are paired with clitoral strokes, get ready for one mind blowing orgasm!

Make Her Come Undone ASAP!

When it comes to making a woman orgasm, there are always tips and tricks that you can try. While there are those who may suffer from orgasmic dysfunction, this does not affect the majority of women.

If you are looking at making sure your partner gets the most out of her sexual experience with you, take note of the basics that we have mentioned.

While they may not involve rocket science or whatnot, they are safe, practical and effective ways to make your girl come!