Anal Sex Toy Safety

One of the most common fears people have about anal sex toys which they don’t have with other sex toys is how safe it is. After all, vaginas were designed for objects to be put in them, but aren’t our butts the opposite?

It’s a responsible concern to have and using anal sex toys incorrectly is an easy way to cause yourself some harm.

In general, it doesn’t matter which toy you have. Whether it’s a butt plug, a vibrator, a dildo, or an anal hook, the majority of the concerns are the same.

This does mean that the steps to use these toys safely are also very similar, so in this short guide we’re going to go over everything you need to know about safely enjoying your anal toys.

Do Anal Sex Toys Hurt?

Doing anal is painful!

This is probably one of the mistruths you’ll have heard most in your life. Even people who were open to trying anal sex will have had one bad experience and spend the rest of their lives telling others that it hurts, and you shouldn’t do it.

While some pain you might feel during anal stimulation is a bad thing and will be your body warning you that something is wrong, most of the time it’s simply down to doing something a little wrong.

The anus and surrounding area is full of sensitive nerve endings. This is why anal stimulation feels so amazing when you get it right!

On the other hand, it’s also the reason for the pain when you get it wrong. It can be that you were too rough, tried a large toy when you weren’t ready for it, didn’t use enough lubrication, or even just got the angle wrong.

Nearly all of these problems can be avoided very easily though. Just take your time, and gradually work your way up to larger toys.

Even when you’re doing everything properly though, things might not go completely to plan. Sometimes you might have slight abrasions, bruising, tears, or even a little blood. If this happens then take a good break and let everything heal up before you try again.

Sometimes our butts are just a little sensitive!

Using The Right Lubrication

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce any lubrication of its own.

This makes it difficult to insert any kind of sex toy without a lot of friction. To combat this, you should always use some extra lubrication.

While you might think saliva is good enough, it’ll only really help with getting things into your butt. After that it’ll quickly dry out and removal will be very painful once you’ve finished enjoying yourself. You are always much better off with a store-bought lubricant.

These normally come in one of three varieties: silicone based, oil based, and water based.

As the main consideration when using anal sex toys is reducing as much of the friction as possible between your body and the toy, water-based lubricant isn’t the best choice. This tends to dry out very quickly, just like saliva.

Between oil based and silicone-based lubricants, the choice is largely up to your own preferences. Silicone based lubricants are generally much smoother and feel almost silky. Oil based lubricants tend to be much thicker, but they last a very long time.

An important point to remember though is that you can’t use silicone lube with silicone toys, and you can’t use oil lube with a condom. In both cases the lubricants will break down the material and cause all kinds of problems.

If you want to go the extra mile, there are also some lubricants specifically designed for use with anal sex toys.

While these are most of the time still oil or silicone based, they sometimes have extra properties to make your session more comfortable. Make sure you steer clear of any numbing lubricant though. This can dull your senses, so if something does go wrong you might not notice it hurts until the damage has already been done.

Doesn’t Poop Get Everywhere?

This is probably the other mistruth that most of us will have heard many times about anal play

I’m sure we all remember the horror stories from school and college of that one person who tried anal and got poop all over the bed. While this can happen, it’s incredibly rare, and most of the time if it does happen it’s not really a problem with anal sex and more a problem with your own digestive system.

Most of the time simply using the bathroom around an hour before you want to start will suffice. This leaves your rectum empty and prepared for the evening ahead.

If you want to be extra careful you can take a shower after using the toilet and pay special care to the area around your anus. Further still, you can pick up an enema or douching kit to make completely sure nothing nasty is going to come out of your butt.

Practise Good Anal Hygiene

Alongside emptying your bowels before anal play and keeping everything nice and clean, there are some more considerations you should make with regards to your anal hygiene.

Each of our bodies are filled with bacteria which help to keep everything running smoothly. While these bacteria are harmless when kept in our own bodies, they can cause havoc when introduced to someone else’s body. The anal lining is incredibly sensitive and can quickly absorb any of these bacteria.

To avoid all of these problems, you should never share your sex toys with each other without thoroughly cleaning them first!

If you absolutely must share, and don’t want to ruin the mood by running to the bathroom to clean your toys, then use a condom over them. Treat sex toys just like you would sex with another person, as infections and even STIs are easily transmitted from person to person.

Can Your Anus Prolapse?

This one is a little easier to deal with, as in most cases it’s blown completely out of proportion.

It’s definitely not impossible. If you’re using very large sex toys, and being very rough with them, then yes, it is possible for an anal prolapse to happen, but it’s incredibly unlikely.

Something that may happen over time is a loosening of your pelvic floor muscles and anal sphincter. These are the muscles all around the bottom of the torso which help keep everything tight and in place. They also control the opening and closing of your anus and regulate your bowel movements. If they become weak, then you might start to suffer from incontinence.

Again, for the average person this is incredibly unlikely, but if you’re having anal sex with large toys on a daily basis, then over time things will get looser. Luckily, you can still deal with this before it becomes a problem by also performing daily Kegel exercises.

Can Anal Sex Toys Get Stuck?

Another horror story we might all have heard is of various people ending up in the emergency room with all kinds of things being stuck in their butts.

This one is a little more realistic, as the muscles in your anus and rectum aren’t just good at pushing things out of your body. If an object makes it into your rectum, it can also be pushed upwards towards the colon, and possibly need surgery to remove.

There is one simple precaution you can take to avoid this though. Whenever you buy an anal sex toy, make sure it has a proper base!

The base is the part which stops the toy travelling too far into your body, and also gives you an easy handle to pull them back out again. A base can be flared, a T-bar shape, or even a small pull ring. Which you choose doesn’t matter, just make sure there’s a base!

Now let’s say you’ve been using a sex toy that doesn’t have a base, and it just so happens to have got stuck. All is not lost yet, and you still have a couple of options to get it back out. The most important thing you can do is try not to panic. Panicking will cause your muscles to tense and contract your muscles further, pushing the toy deeper into your body.

You should start by adding a lot more extra lubricant to try and help the toy back out. You can use your hands (or your partners) to try and reach around and grab the toy (just try not to push it further in). Failing that, you can place one leg on the toilet seat and try to push as if you were having a poop.

If none of this works, then unfortunately it’s time to seek help.

You should try not to be embarrassed, as medical professionals are here to help. You definitely shouldn’t leave a foreign object inside your body just because you’re ashamed to go to the hospital, as you’ll end up there eventually anyway. Besides, once things are a little less fresh, you’ll probably laugh about it in the future.

Wear And Tear On Anal Sex Toys

While most of the dangers we’ve discussed this far have been entirely based on the ways you use your anal toys, the toys themselves are equally important. Over time, just like anything else you own, your anal toys will start to degrade and wear out.

Before any session where you plan to use one of your sex toys, you should give it a thorough checking over.

You need to be looking for seams leftover from when the toy was made, rougher areas appearing on the smooth surface, parts of the surface breaking down, or even some parts sticking out and forming a sharp edge. For any rough or pointy parts, using a nail file or emery board will usually be enough to smooth things back out. In the case of a degrading surface though, there isn’t much you can do.

Eventually your toys will wear out, and when this begins to happen you need to start replacing them. Continuing to use them is just putting your body at unnecessary risk, as any parts of the material that comes off while you use them is sure to cause your insides some problems.

You might think it’s a lot of money to spend for some small signs of wear, but your medical bills will be much more if something goes wrong!

Many people all over the world are put off by the idea of anal play, and most of the time it will be for one of these reasons. Hopefully though, you can see now how easy they all are to avoid. There’s really nothing to be afraid of, so get out there and try some anal sex toys today!