Anal Sex Toy Cleaning

With such a wide range of anal sex toys on the market, it might not be long before you find yourself with a vast collection of different devices. In order to keep enjoying them as much as possible, you’ll need to care for them properly.

Cleaning is one of the most important parts of this. It might not be glamorous, but without proper cleaning it won’t be long before your favourite toys are covered in nasty bacteria which you don’t want to put in your body.

Why Do We Need to Clean Our Anal Sex Toys?

It’s a fact that’s repeated often. We need to clean our sex toys after every single use.

But why?

Well it’s a commonly accepted fact that we need to take care when having sex with other people. Our own bodies carry all kinds of bacteria which are unique to our own ecosystems, but when we introduce those bacteria to someone else body they can cause all kinds of problems. This is before we even mention any sexually transmitted infections which can easily travel from person to person.

Sex toys can carry these bacteria just as easily from person to person. It doesn’t matter what your sex toy is made of, they can all harbour a vast number of bacteria. Some materials can even absorb bacteria into their surface!

While this means that sharing sex toys without cleaning them is a bad idea, it doesn’t mean that you’re perfectly safe to use one in your own butt without cleaning. While the bacteria found in your own body can be harmless to you, it’s perfectly possible for bacteria to come from other sources such as where you store your toys or even your own hands.

Even if your own health isn’t a concern, cleaning is good for your toys too!

Consistently allowing bacteria to build up on the surface of your sex toys is a good way for the surface of them to break down over time. Not only does this mean you will be inserting bacteria into your body, but you’ll also have small chunks of sex toy floating around in your private parts.

Porous And Non-Porous Sex Toys

As we already mentioned, some sex toys not only build up bacteria on their surface, but also inside the material. Which category your sex toy falls into will depend on whether the material is either porous, or non-porous. All materials are porous to some degree, but the important distinction with sex toys is whether or not the pores are large enough to allow bacteria through.

Porous materials are the worst of the two.

These have larger pores, so bacteria are able to build up and get stuck in the surface of the toy. Common porous sex toy materials include jelly, rubber, latex, cyberskin, TPE, and many more.

As the bacteria can penetrate the surface of the toy, it’s important to know that you’ll never be able to get these completely clean. You can get off the majority of the bacteria, but they’ll never be completely sterile. If you want to keep them as clean as possible, you should put a condom over them whenever you use the them.

The best way to clean porous sex toys is usually using plain warm water. Gently use a cloth to wipe down all parts of your sex toy, then dry them off with some paper towels. Even soap can get within the pores of porous materials, so if you do want to give them some extra cleaning then you should steer clear of regular soaps and only use specially formulated sex toy cleaners.

Non-porous materials are much safer and easier to keep clean.

These have smaller pores, so bacteria can only get onto the surface of the materials. We always recommend picking up a non-porous sex toy wherever you can. The common non-porous sex toy materials are silicone, glass, and stainless steel.

Most of the time, a non-porous sex toy can be boiled completely killing any germs on the toy. You can do this in a sink, bathtub, or even in the dishwasher!

If this isn’t enough peace of mind for you then a scrub with warm soapy water will do the job. Just be sure to rinse off any soapy residue and dry off your toy before you put it away.

Vibrating sex toys need a little more attention

Whenever you clean them you should remove any batteries you can to make sure you don’t electrocute yourself. Even with the batteries removed, you shouldn’t fully submerge a sex toy into water or you run the risk of damaging any electrical parts.

Be sure that your toy is waterproof, or simply stick to wiping it with a damp cloth.

It’s very simple to keep your sex toys clean, so you have no real excuse not to do it.

You should be cleaning your sex toys after every single use, dry them off, then store them in a suitable location such as the boxes they came in. Any specific cleaning instructions should be found in the box so it kill two birds with one stone!

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