Women and Sex Machines: The Future or Just a Gimmick?

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We live in a brave new world, people. And yet, some topics are still off-limits. Some turn-ons are still taboo. The relationship between women and sex machines is one of those topics that are difficult to approach. But why is that?

The stigma that surrounds all sex toys for women and men is quite strong. Although we all indulge (don’t even try to deny it), we won’t exactly brag about our newest sex toy at brunch. Some things are still carefully kept private. Sex machines seem to be one of those.

Luckily, along with prostate stimulation and the fact that ALL men enjoy it, sex machines seem to be getting out from under the shroud of secrecy. Still, you won’t exactly hear a girl rave about riding her sex machine all night. But does that mean women don’t like them?

Women and Sex Machines — Friends or Foes?

Although men love (like, really love) watching withering girls on sex machines, the fact that there are terabytes of sex machine porn out there doesn’t really answer our question — do women like sex machines?

Sex machines for women go hand in hand with sex dolls. Over time, they evolved from something rudimentary and crude to practical works of art made to bestow multiple mind-blowing orgasms to us all. After all, the future is here, and it’s robotic.

But will robots really take over the sex industry? Will fembots and sex machines replace the warm, sweaty bodies that we all love to feel beneath us?

There lies the answer to our question (partially, at least).

Why Women Like Sex Machines

We can’t deny that the female orgasm is a fickle thing. In partnered play, it’s something that we all have to chase — it’s elusive and a downright dirty player. Of course, things aren’t as tricky for lesbians who orgasm 75% of the time during sex. Compared to straight women’s 51%, lesbians have it good.

We’re not going to delve deep into why there’s such a discrepancy. We’ll just say that men need to work on their game — that’s all.

But while women wait for men to get with the program, they mostly turn to masturbation. And sex machines offer one of the arguably best handsfree, remote-controlled masturbatory experiences out there. Why? Because a machine is consistent.

The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

Has this ever happened to you — you’re getting down and dirty with your better half, and you can feel that she’s close to the finish line. She’s clenching around you, shaking, and practically meowling “don’t stop, keep going, just like that!” You’re in seventh heaven, singing praises to your own sexual prowess, while simultaneously imagining dead baby seals so that you don’t bust too soon. Ah, it’s glorious, right?

You’re invigorated by your own sexual aptitude, so you double your efforts to blow your partner’s mind; you push harder, stronger, faster, but then, you’re faced with a very frustrated and disappointed face. Because guess what? “Keep going just like that” doesn’t mean “change the rhythm entirely” or “go harder.” No, it means “keep doing what you’re doing, precisely how you’re doing it.”

While some men can’t seem to grasp this concept, a sex machine will never make this mistake. Women can determine the rhythm, strength, and depth of thrusts. The machine will always be consistent and provide optimal penetration.

Don’t Stop ‘Till You Reach the Top

Ah, those refractory periods are always real downers, right? While women can reach multiple orgasms, men have to wait quite a bit between them. That is yet another problem that lesbians don’t have to deal with. They, of course, have a whole other set of issues like the fact that they sometimes miss the penetrative nature of heteronormative sex.

Sex machines deal with both these matters efficiently. Thanks to super powerful motors, they can keep going and going until the woman is the one shouting that she can’t take it anymore, exhausted in the best possible way. Alright, that might be overly dramatic, but it paints a glorious picture, doesn’t it?

Yes, but there lies the problem.

Why Women Don’t Like Sex Machines

One of the main reasons that women don’t love sex machines is that it bothers their “stronger” halves. Masculinity is fragile; what can we say? Men are easily intimidated by something that can go all night long (consistently).

A lot of sex toys have to “live” with this kind of jealousy from men. The vibrating dildo also bore the hatred of men back in the day. However, sex machines are head and shoulders above other toys, so it’s no wonder that men dislike them so much when it comes to their partners. They, of course, love them in porn, but we just like those double standards, don’t we?

The Double Standard of Sexuality

Because men dislike them, women are also prone to disliking them. Unfortunately, when guys freak out, women tend to jump to their aid.

But that’s just the small part of the reason women don’t like sex machines. As sophisticated and innovative as they are, these devices can’t provide intimacy.

Sure, you can straddle them and ride them all night, make the most out of that perfect spot stimulation, blind yourself with orgasms, but at the end of the sexual bender, the intimacy will still be missing. Of course, the same can be said for all sex toys as well as prostitution, both of which are hugely popular. Nothing but partnered sex can provide a feeling of closeness.

Still, we can take the edge off with sex toys. But having a sex machine isn’t the same as having any other mundane and inconspicuous sex toy. A sex machine is a giant apparatus that you can’t just stash in your nightstand like a mini egg vibrator. These devices aren’t discreet or subtle. They mean that women have to take charge of their sexual gratification and be bold and unapologetic about it. Some, unfortunately, aren’t there yet, which is why we don’t see a more significant rise in these machines’ popularity.

Not Exactly Mundane and Inconspicuous

Finally, sex machines aren’t ideal for a quickie session. You can’t whip them out for a 10-minute self-pleasuring. They aren’t as pragmatic as some other sex toys, which makes them an unpopular item with women.

Final Verdict

So do women like sex machines? The answer is both yes and no. It also depends on the individual in question and the sex machine. Not all sex toys are a perfect fit for all. Some women enjoy sex machines in solo and partnered play. Some enjoy the dildo attached more than the vibration modes, while others can say the exact opposite and live for the vibrating features of saddle machines. Also, lesbian sex machines are slowly revolutionizing lesbian sex. Still, will they take over and replace real partners and other sex toys? Probably not.

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