What is a Penis Plug?

For people looking to explore urethral stimulation, a penis plug will probably be the first toy you try.

They are relatively simple, so it’s easy for you to get the hang of insertion and see what the feelings are like, but there’s enough variation for you to try different things out.

What Is A Penis Plug?

The humble penis plug is one of the simpler sex toys you can find. They are relatively small, straight plugs designed to be used for urethral insertion.

Most are made of stainless steel and have either a T-bar or small ring on the end to stop it from being inserted too far or being lost.

Despite the name, penis plugs are suitable for both sexes and can be very pleasurable for everyone.

Penis plugs designed specifically for women tend to be a bit shorter and often called urethral plugs instead. This is because the female urethra is significantly shorter than a man’s.

What Are Penis Plug Used For?

In the past, penis plugs were often used as a tool to help people with urinary tract problems by opening up the urethra and making it easier to pass urine.

While doing this, people may often feel some pleasure from the stimulation of the nerves in and around the urethra.

Recreational penis plugs are developed with this in mind and have gradually become more popular among users seeking this pleasure.

The main time you would use a penis plug is during masturbation. As you insert it directly into the urethra, they can be extremely difficult to use during full on intercourse.

There are some variants that do work though, and have a hollow centre allowing you to pass fluids through the plug.

A penis plug can also play a part in a relationship with BDSM elements. The dominant partner can have control of the plug and can take advantage of it to inflict light amounts of pain on their partner if that’s something they enjoy.

You should take great care when using penis plugs in this way, as it is very easy to cause damage to someone’s urethra!

Why Do People Use Penis Plugs?

Most of the time when someone is first introduced to penis plugs, the first thought that they’ll have is why.

They definitely aren’t for everyone, but they definitely do have their positives for the people who enjoy them. These plugs can result in some of the most intense and satisfying sexual experiences possible.

Men get some very specific benefits from penis plugs.

They can impact your erections, making them much harder and stronger than usual. They can also impact your ejaculation, as the plug restricts you when you have it in.

If you let the pressure build up and remove the plug just before orgasm, then your ejaculation can be much stronger and shoot much further! For both sexes, wearing a penis plug will heighten the sensations you feel all around the urethra.

The most basic feeling you’ll notice is a stretching sensation. While this might not be the most interesting feeling on its own, combining it with stimulation from your hand or a tongue can make it much more exciting

Some people enjoy it so much that even the slightest touch will leave them trembling!

Another reason people might use penis plugs is quite simply liking the way they look. The plugs can have rings, hoops, or even jewels on them!

With the right penis plug, you can even make it look like you have a genital piercing without having to go through the pain of having one done.

This can be good if you’ve been considering a genital piercing but haven’t decided yet as you can get an idea of what it will be like to have one.

Risks Of Penis Plugs

It’s completely reasonable that someone may have some concerns when it comes to inserting objects into their urethra.

These are one of the riskier toys you can experiment with, so it’s important to be aware of any risks and how you avoid them before you start.

The largest risk to you will be infections.

The urethra is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and will readily absorb any bacteria that are present on your toys. If this happens you’ll expose yourself to all kinds of urinary tract infections which can wreak havoc on your body.

The best thing you can do is to only use plugs made of either silicone or stainless steel as these are non-porous and don’t absorb bacteria. You also need to keep your toys as clean and sterile as you possibly can.

Being too rough is another thing to watch out for. The urethral tissue is incredibly delicate, and you can easily tear or puncture it if you are too rough with it. Whenever you engage in urethral stimulation, you need to be careful and controlled no matter how desperate you are to get into things. It’s not just your own sensitive tissue you need to watch out for either.

The external part of the plug can just as easily cause damage to other parts of the body. This is more of a risk when wearing your plug during oral sex or intercourse.

You should always try to pay attention to the position of your plug and try not to get it caught on any other parts of your partner’s body.

Another very common risk is that the plug might simply get pulled out!

This is particularly problematic during oral sex or intercourse which involves the whole plug being inserted into someone else’s body.

You need to be very gentle and if it does happen to get caught on something, make sure you don’t have a knee-jerk reaction and try to pull away.

You should never use penis plugs during anal sex, as if it gets pulled out in the anal canal it may be impossible to remove without surgery.

Types Of Penis Plug

  • Shape: Most penis plugs follow a very standard cylindrical shape. Some can be tapered though, getting thicker the further you insert them. This gives your urethra a bit more of a stretch.
  • Length: Penis plugs will never be super long, but they can vary in length for slightly deeper penetration.
  • Decoration: You might find some penis plugs with more unusual parts on the end. Rather than simple rings or bars, they might have different shapes, or even jewels inset.
  • Texture: While most penis plugs are as smooth as possible, some will have textures along the surface. These can be rings, raised patterns, designs, or even small balls a bit like anal beads.
  • Vibration: In more recent years, penis plugs have begun to appear which contain vibrators. These provide incredibly intense sensations by constantly stimulating the sensitive nerves of the urethra.
  • Electrical Stimulation: While it will be rare to find a penis plug with this built in, some people like to add a little shock to their urethral play. They attach the plug to a tens unit, which provides small electrical shocks while you wear the plug. In general, this isn’t advised.
  • Hollow Plugs: If you plan on wearing a penis plug for a longer amount of time, you might wonder what you do when you need the loo. Luckily some plugs are designed to be completely hollow, so you can still expel bodily fluids while you wear them. These plugs will often have a small ball which screws on the end to cover the whole while it isn’t needed.
  • Sperm Stoppers: While these aren’t specifically penis plugs, they are a variation on the theme. Sperm stoppers sit around the head of the penis, and a small arm penetrates the urethra. Some sperm stoppers have longer arms that others, so they can give much of the same sensations with some additional penile stimulation.

With the right knowledge and preparation, you can enjoy a penis plug just as much as any other sex toy you’ve tried.

Whichever penis plug you choose, the way you use them is mostly the same.

The feelings can be something completely new and different though, and a penis plug is the perfect place to start when exploring urethral stimulation.

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