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When you’re trying to decide which kind of sex swing to buy, you’ve got many different choices. In fact, there are so many different sex swings available, you might not know which one is the best choice for you.

If you find yourself in this situation, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article we’ll be going through all the different sex swings to help you decide.

Traditional Sex Swings

A traditional sex swing will usually be the first thing you think of when you think about sex swings. These are pretty basic, usually having just a seat and some stirrups for your legs.

This kind of sex swing is usually connected to either the ceiling or a stand by two straps, meaning that it can only swing backwards and forwards.

While they may sound a little basic, there’s still plenty of kinky fun to be had with these swings, and they are often a great place to start as a beginner!

Door Sex Swings

A door sex swing is the other basic type available. Instead of needing to be fitted permanently to the ceiling or wall, these swings simply slide over the top of a door. Once in place you just close the door, and the swing will be held firmly in place.

It’s important to make sure that your door is strong enough to hold the extra weight, so you should only use sturdy, well fitted doors.

Due to the way these swings are fitted, they are somewhat limited in their movement compared to other types. You’ll only really be able to swing forward, as the door will prevent you moving backwards or from side to side.

What they lose in mobility, they make up for with discretion though. As these require no permanent fixings in your house, they are very easy to put up and take down on a whim. You’ll be able to keep them totally secret as long as you remember to take them down before having guests!

360 Degree Sex Swings

Unlike the previous two types, if you’re looking for the sex swing that will give you the ultimate freedom then you probably want a 360 degree sex swing. These are usually attached to the ceiling or stand with a single fixing, that all the straps connect to.

What this means, is that rather than simply being able to swing backwards and forwards, these swings can rotate in every direction. If you want to quickly change position, you can rotate the swing and get straight back into the action!

Body Sex Swings/Sex Slings

The final “standard” type of sex swing available is a body swing. Sometimes these are also referred to as sex slings. This kind of body swing doesn’t have any fixings which attach to places around your house. Instead a sling is placed over your partner’s body, letting you swing off of them!

The biggest benefit of this kind of sex swing is that they need almost no setup, and don’t need to permanently attached to your house. Rather than completely changing your sexual experience, they can just enhance the things you already do.

If you’ve ever wanted to have sex standing up, then this kind of swing can make it so much easier! They do place extra strain on your partner’s body though, as your weight is supported by their body. So if you suffer from back or leg problems, then these might not be the most ideal swing for you.

Plus Sized Sex Swings

If you’re a little on the larger side, you might be wondering if any of these sex swings are suitable for you. Luckily, there are some swings specifically designed to hold a lot more weight, so you too can enjoy these great toys!

While they aren’t always labelled as “plus-size” there are always plenty of larger options which can support more weight, and some can even hold as much as 800 pounds!

Larger sex swings can be found in any of the other varieties, so you shouldn’t be worried about your body weight while looking for your ideal sex swing.

Padded Sex Swings

Sometimes you might find sex swings a little less than comfortable. The straps can often dig in, and leave unsightly marks on your legs.

If you find this to be something that affects you, then you may want to look into a padded sex swing.

These can come in many different varieties, but their key feature is that all parts of the swing are fitted with extra padding. This can make it much more comfortable to use, especially if you’re a fan of staying in your swing for longer periods of time!

Bondage Sex Swings

Bondage sex swings aren’t hugely different from other swings. They still feature a seat and stirrups, and can be attached to ceilings, doors or walls.

The key thing about bondage swings is that they have additional straps and fittings that other types of swing don’t. While the most basic of these will just be additional straps for your hands, bondage swings can be as elaborate as your fantasies.

Some can even be combined with ropes and other equipment to let you explore positions and bondage scenarios that just wouldn’t be possible with a different kind of sex swing.

Leather Sex Swings

Leather sex swings are made of, you guessed it, leather! In fact, many different kinds of sex swing have leather straps and parts. So what makes leather sex swings their own type?

It mostly comes down to how much of the swing is made of leather. Some swings might have leather seats or stirrups, but be held together by chains or ropes.

Leather swings are almost entirely made of leather, with all their straps and trimmings being leather. In fact, the only part of leather swings made of anything different is usually the fixing which attaches it to your ceiling or wall.

The other great thing about swings made entirely of leather, is that they are much less likely to damage your house. This is particularly prevalent with door sex swings, which can often damage the top of your door if they are made of metal. When made of leather, this is much less likely to happen, which is ideal if you live in a rented property.

Heavy Duty Sex Swings

While plus-sized sex swings are designed for people who weigh more, heavy duty sex swings take this to the next level. These aren’t just designed to hold extra weight, but they look the part too!

All of the parts of these sex swings are specifically chosen for their durability and strength. Most heavy duty swings will be made of leather in every part, no fabric whatsoever. Each joint will be carefully crafted with plated rivets to make sure that it will stand the test of time. And the swings will be suspended with strong and heavy chains.

Of course, all this extra strength and durability will mean that they can carry more weight than traditional sex swings. If you’re looking for something that can carry more weight and is going to last a long time, then a heavy-duty sex swing might be the ideal choice.

Butterfly Sex Swings

Butterfly sex swings are a little less common than the other types. The key thing about these swings is that they are able to keep you in the butterfly sex position. This is a difficult position, but when you achieve it, you and your partner will create the shape of a butterfly.

These sex swings are designed to make this position much easier to achieve and maintain.

The other benefit to a butterfly sex swing is that they are usually multipurpose, and come with a small stand. You can change the way the swing is put together, letting you use them for multiple different purposes.

Fantasy Sex Swings

Fantasy swings are marketed at some of the most adventurous of us out there. These are meant to help you enjoy any desire you can think of, no matter how kinky.

When it comes to construction, these swings are not hugely different from any other swings. They will often come with many different added bonuses though, to help you indulge in your fantasies.

DIY/Homemade Sex Swings

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge with buying your own sex swing yet, you might wonder if there’s any way to make a swing so you can try it out. Unlike most sex toys, you can reasonably build a sex swing yourself.

If you decide to do this, make sure that you choose your materials carefully. Chains are great as they tend to be much stronger than a lot of easily available fabric. You also won’t need to cut them, which can often weaken different fabrics.

For the seat or hammock, high quality leather can do a great job, and give your swing a luxurious feel. Another option is to use a wooden or metal panel for the actual seat, then padding it out with softer material to make it more comfortable.

As long as you’re confident your swing will hold enough weight, and you select the appropriate location to fit it, you should be good to go! If that all sounds like a bit too much effort just to try something up though, you could try some items of furniture.

Rocking chairs will give you the most basic feeling of a sex swing, thanks to the back and forth motion. These remain on the floor though, so you don’t really get to experience the weightlessness a sex swing gives you.

For a closer experience, swing chairs and benches can do a similar thing. While these can both give you an idea of what a sex swing feels like, they are both very firm. You won’t easily be able to get into many positions, which is one of the real benefits of a sex swing.

Try a Sex Swing Today!

As you can see, there are many, many different options when you want a sex swing. Hopefully now you have a better idea about each of them, and can choose the perfect sex swing for you!

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