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When you start to take advantage of a sex swing, you’ll usually be happy with pretty much any sex for the first few weeks. Eventually, the novelty will wear off though, and you’ll start to wonder what else you can try.

Thanks to sex swings, many positions are made much easier. This can not only help you enjoy it more, but also let you have sex longer, as you don’t get tired as quickly. While you can leave it up to your imagination, you might sometimes need a little inspiration.

So we’ve compiled a list of just some of the many great sex positions you can try in your sex swing!

Floating Missionary

Position yourself in your swing so that you are lying down on your back. Your partner can then lie on top of you. Use the stirrups and any hand straps for support.

As your partner thrusts in and out, the swing will naturally start rocking back and forth. This motion will let them thrust harder and harder, giving you deeper stimulation than ever!

You’ll need a swing that can hold the weight of both of you for this.

Doggy Style

Lie down on your front on the seat or main support of the swing. Hold onto your hand straps for support while you life your legs into the stirrups. Your partner can also hold onto your legs instead to give them a little more force.

Your partner can penetrate you from behind, which feels just like regular doggy but with rather than holding up your own body weight, you can simply float there and enjoy it!

360 Degree Sex

Get into your swing as you normally would with your feet in the stirrups. Then gradually slide your butt off the back of the swing.

Your partner should be lying under the swing, so you can gently lower yourself onto his penis. Once you’re in position, he can start to spin you for a completely different kind of sex!


Lie back in your swing and let your partner straddle your face. Once you’re ready, they can bend down, and you can give each other oral at the same time.

Any small movements you make will start to move the swing, so it can be a fun challenge to keep pleasuring your partner as they rock back and forth.

The Doorman

If you enjoy the weightlessness of a sex swing, but miss having something to thrust against, or you just like the feeling of being backed against a wall, then a door swing is a great way to go.

Once you’re in the swing and your partner penetrates you, they’ll be able to press against you against the door and have their way with you. To make things extra kinky, they can bind your hands and leave you completely at their mercy.

Weightless Oral

Oral sex is a favourite for many of us, but being able to completely relax and float in the air while it happens really takes things to a new level!

As an added bonus, your partner can hold onto your legs and swing you around. This let’s them really hit all the right spots.

Flying Cowgirl

If you’re lucky enough to have a swing which takes both your weight, here’s a position where the man gets into it!

Position the straps so you can lie back and let your partner climb on top of you. Use the stirrups and hand straps to keep your balance. Once she’s up, she can ride you like a real cowgirl!

Lap Dance

For swings with multiple straps, you can each take one and enjoy a swinging lapdance. The person receiving should sit in the rear strap, and the dancer should take the front strap.

Once in position, you can use hands and foot straps to support yourself while you float around. For an extra sexy dance, your partner can penetrate you and let you float around with the movement of the swing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment!

These are just some of the many, many things you can try with your sex swing. Your imagination is the limit though, so if you think something might be fun then don’t be afraid to try it!

Whichever position you choose, the sex will be great as the swing gives you the extra freedom to really sit back and enjoy it!

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