Sex Swing Fittings: Stands, Doors, Ceiling, etc.

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When you decide to buy a sex swing, choosing which swing you want might seem like the only important thing you need to think about. However, deciding how you’re going to fit your sex swing is an equally important decision.

Which fittings you decide on might even change which sex swing you buy!

Dual Hook Sex Swings

The most standard sex swing fitting you’ll find is the dual hook variety. These have two sets of straps, which attach to hooks which your swing will hang from. Both hooks need to be appropriately spaced, both to give you enough room to move while in the swing, and make sure that the weight is distributed evenly.

If the hooks are too close together, then more weight may be placed on one side or the other. If they are too far apart, the swing will be very high up and difficult to get in and use effectively.

The ideal amount of space you’ll need to mount a dual hook sex swing is between 24 and 48 inches. If you don’t have this much space, then you’ll need to get a different kind of sex swing.

Single Hook Sex Swings

Single hook sex swings are similar to dual hook models, but rather than two hooks they have one. This means they are only really suitable for sex swings with 360 degree rotation. With these swings, all of the weight is placed on a single fixing. This means it’s vitally important to make sure the place you install the hook is strong enough to hold the max weight of the swing while you’re in it.

For many people, these will be the preferred method of mounting a sex swing. This is due to the freedom and flexibility they can offer while using your swing. They also require less permanent fixings added to your house, which is a great plus.

Installing Sex Swing Hooks

If you opt for a single or dual hook sex swing, you’ll need to physically install mounting points into your walls or, more commonly, your ceiling. It’s incredibly important that you don’t just throw the swing up wherever you feel like it. You need to find an appropriate mounting point that will be able to hold the weight of you and your swing while you use it.

Not only this, but when you start drilling holes into walls and ceiling, you can upset the structural integrity of the room or even the entire house. There are plenty of horror stories online of people who have collapsed their entire ceiling by installing a swing poorly.

We’re going to run through the basics of finding a suitable location, the types of mounts you need to use, and how to actually do it. There’s a lot of technical terminology though, so if you don’t recognise many of the terms or know what they mean then it’s usually best to hire someone to install the mounts for you.

First, you’ll need to decide what kind of anchor point you’re going to use. Most of the time you’ll either use an eye hook, or a tie down anchor.

An eye hook is screwed in and a small hook is left protruding from the wall or ceiling. Many of these are simply made by bending the metal into a small loop, which means they are capable of bending after installation. If you choose an eye hook, try to find one that has been welded closed where the hook has been made.

Tie down anchors are much more secure, as they have two fixing points. These usually consist of a D-ring which is secured by two lag bolts.

Once you have chosen your mounting equipment, you need to figure out where your ceiling joists or wall beams are located. You absolutely do not want to be fixing the mount to drywall, plasterboard, or any of the other materials commonly used to construct the majority of your wall.

Some walls and ceilings will be made of bricks or stone, rather than wood or other materials. In this case, you’ll need to find the weight bearing part of the brick or stone, and affix your mount there. Again, if you aren’t experienced with this kind of thing, it’s always safer to get a professional who can help you find the ideal mounting point.

It’s best to secure the mount to the most central point you can find of either the joist or beam, as this is the most load bearing part. Fixing it to the edges is much less secure, and may damage these important parts of the building.

Then it’s simply a case of installing the mount. You’ll probably need a drill to make the appropriate hole, and should try to do it in one go. Taking multiple attempts will weaken the material, and make it more likely that your mount will fall out. NEVER use the same holes twice if you want to move the mount, or change the fixings you have used.

For single hook swings, you’ll just need to make sure that there is plenty of space between your mounting point and your walls. These swings have a much larger range of movement, so will need plenty of space. At least 3 feet is ideal, so you have space to move your arms and legs around while you use the swings.

Dual hook swings can usually only go forward and backwards, so may need a little less space. You still need to make sure there’s enough room for the swing to move, but you can leave less space to the sides of your mount.

Once everything is in place and you think it’s secure, give the fixings a good pull. The force you can exert with your arms will be less than what they will experience while you use your swing, so if they come out then it definitely isn’t secure enough. If you’re happy with the job, attach your swing to the fittings and press down on the seat.

Gradually add more and more force while pushing down, until you’re happy that the swing will be able to hold all your weight. Even if you think your mounts are completely secure, you should still use the swing with caution the first time.

Dual Hook vs Single Hook: Which Is Better?

There’s no simple answer when choosing between a single or dual hook sex swing fitting. Each person may prefer a different on, so it’s important to think carefully about it if you’re going to use one or the other.

Some important things to consider include:

  • How much space you have available in your house to install the fittings.
  • Whether you want to drill multiple holes in the ceiling or just a single one.
  • How tall you and your partner are (it’s much simpler to change the height of a dual hook swing).
  • How you want to move while using your swing (backwards and forwards or full rotation).
  • How much weight your swing needs to hold.

If you’re not sure which of these are the best option for you, then it’s often a good idea to try out a sex swing stand before you start making permanent adjustments to your home.

What is a Sex Swing Stand?

When you don’t want to make permanent alterations to your home, you might think that there’s no way to enjoy a sex swing. Fortunately, you couldn’t be more wrong!

In these situations, you’ll want to look into a sex swing stand. These stands can come in one of several different variants.

Easel style stands are similar in shape to an easel that you’d use for painting or drawing. These have four legs, and form a shape similar to the letter A.

Cross style stands also have four legs, but the main difference with these is that the bars form a cross shape at the top. This can be ideal for single hook swings as all the weight is supported by the cross part of the stand.

Tent style sex swings consist of a similar shape to an easel stand, but the central bar which supports the swing is much longer. This makes them ideal for dual hook swings as there is plenty of space for the two hooks.

The final kind of stand you can get for your sex swing is a hammock style stand. Unlike the other styles, the main support bar for these stands sits on the floor. The arms on either side of the stand rise up at an angle, which you mount your swing on.

Door Mounted Swings

The final method you can use to mount your sex swing is door mounting. This is much simpler than other methods, as you don’t need to drill holes or make adjustments to your home.

Instead, these styles of sex swing have hooks which you place over the top of your door. Then once you close the door, the swing is held in place by the door frame. You might have seen sets of hooks or other things which mount the same way.

It’s important if you mount your swing in this way, that you make sure your door is secure and sturdy, or the extra weight may damage it. Some door fittings are also metal, which can leave marks or indents on your door. If you’re looking for something that won’t cause any damage whatsoever, then you may be better off with one made of leather.

DIY/ Alternative Sex Swing Stands

When fitting your sex swing to a ceiling, door or wall isn’t an option, then you’ll usually have to turn to a sex swing stand. Unfortunately, these are usually sold separately to the swing itself, which can add a lot of extra cost to your new device.

You might wonder if you can build something yourself to mount your sex swing on, or if there are other products that will do the job. In theory this will work out much cheaper, which can give you a bigger budget for the swing itself.

Generally, we tend to advise that you avoid homemade sex toys, as they can be much more dangerous and not really worth the risk. However with sex swing stands, things are a little different.

A well made stand can sometimes be a better solution than buying one! You can build it to fit in your house properly, make it whatever height you desire, and customise it as much as you want.

We should point out though, that building a sex swing stand shouldn’t be taken lightly. Unless you have experience with wood or metal-working, you may struggle to build something that is structurally sound, and isn’t going to collapse as soon as you get in your swing. You also need to make sure that all the metal, wood and bolts you use can handle the full weight of you and your swing.

If you don’t feel up to the task of building something completely from scratch, then there are some other options. Frames that come with swinging chairs, or even some tent frames may work instead. Just be sure that the will hold the weight without breaking or bending.

Another option some people try, is to adapt a pull up bar into a frame to hold their sex swing. Some pull up bars don’t need to be drilled into the wall, but use the door frame to hold them in place instead. With some clever strapwork, you can attach your swing to one of these bars. This means even door sex swings will have a greater range of movement!

Take Care When Mounting Your Swing

Whichever method you choose for mounting your sex swing, safety should always be your number one concern. Without the right support, the weight can easily be too much for your swing to hold. When this happens, injury is sure to follow.

If you’re ever unsure if your swing is safe to use, the best thing to do is seek professional help. Carpenters or handymen will be able to identify the parts of your house where you can mount the swing without any worries. You don’t even have to tell them what it’s for. As long as they know how much weight the fixings need to hold, they can make sure that you aren’t going to end up sprawled out on the floor.

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