Sex Machines: The Ultimate Guide

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Back in the day, the offering of adult sex products was quite limited and not versatile at all. However, the days of just choosing from a couple of colors of vibrators are long gone. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of sex machines (sometimes also called love machines). Examples include everything from mechanical dildos to incredibly complex fuck machines.

But are there mechanical sex toys for both men and women? And how should you use them? Don’t worry; we’ll help you catch up quickly with our in-depth guide to sex machines right here. Get ready to get your kink on, ‘cause we’re going to show you all you need to know about interesting sex contraptions!

What Are Sex Machines?

Obviously, all of us have different sexual kinks and perversions; while the latter expression may have a judgmental vibe, it’s still nothing to be ashamed of. For most people, after a while, simple sex with another human partner just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, it’s good to break up the routine with something completely different. That’s where sex machines come in to, quite literally, do the dirty work for you!

Before getting too much into the weeds of machine sex particulars, let’s take a broader view of the world of sex machines. For instance — what qualifies as a sex machine in the first place? Is an ordinary, non-mechanical dildo one too?

Well, no. Generally, we’re talking about a mechanical device intended to simulate intercourse or another type of sexual activity. While there are plenty of different kinds of sex machines, we can mainly divide them into two categories — extractive and penetrative. And most often, the latter are the ones we refer to when we use the term “sex machine.” Usually, such contraptions use a motor or a battery to power them.

How Do Sex Machines Work?

While vibrators are technically sex machines, we wouldn’t really include them in the category. The average fucking machine, unlike a vibrator or dildo, generally doesn’t fit inside your bedroom drawer. It has a variety of mechanical components. That enables it to perform different vibrations and movements. It can stroke, vibrate, thrust, or just move in general.

And although you’ll find that these devices are far from compact, what they take up in space they give back in functionality, customizability, and sheer power. These can do clitoral, vaginal, anal, and penile stimulation. On top of that, they can provide other kinds of sexual pleasure as well.

Now, depending on how comfortable you are with building things, you could be looking for an out-of-the-box sex machine. Otherwise, you could also go the homemade route and build one yourself. While the DIY machines offer more customizability and variety, it will require more time and energy to make them work. Plus, professionally manufactured devices are most often safer. If you want to spend more of your time using the sex machine than troubleshooting it, we recommend finding a trustworthy manufacturer and just buying a ready-made one.

Types of Sex Machines

Generally, we can separate sex machines into the following categories:

  • Saddle Sex Machines — these devices are a sex saddle that you mount; they come with different attachments that a user can penetrate themselves with or grind against.
  • Gliders — these are similar to the abovementioned saddles because you mount them. After that, your movement is what powers them, rather than any motor or battery.
  • Thrusting sex toys — as the name suggests, these devices thrust; usually, these entail dildo machines with a mechanical movement.
  • Dolls — obviously, dolls can be counted as an entirely different sex toy; but seeing as they’re pretty bulky and can be pretty darn complex these days, they’re worth a passing mention.

Handheld Sex Machines/Thrusting Dildos

As you might’ve realized from above, most of these categories got their names after the kind of sexual stimulation they provide. And thrusters, spoiler alert, do thrusting! And they do so automatically, usually powered by batteries. These are, most commonly, devices that are smaller than the other types of machines we’ve described here — usually handheld dildos. Many of the handheld dildos that aren’t entry-level bargain bucket models allow for all kinds of attachments.

Naturally, thrusting machines aren’t limited to a simple dildo with mechanical thrusting movements. You’ll find a wide variety of available options, from drilldo devices to free-standing machines. And if you’re willing to get creative, you can even make a thrusting device yourself; fashioning one out of power tools is not that complicated. However, only do that if you’re sure you know what you’re doing, and at your own liability. Remember the infamous situation where a woman injured herself using a makeshift sex toy, produced out of a saber saw blade? If you’re unsure of your DIY capabilities, it’s best to stick with tried-and-true sex machine manufacturers.

Fucking Machines

Now we come to the main course — your average fucking machine. These devices are types of sex machines that millions of people worldwide simply adore. And while there are many design variations, we’ll describe the basics here. One thing is certain, though — nothing quite beats the enjoyment of being pleasured by a device that doesn’t tire and keeps going all the way until you’re the one ready to quit. To make things even better, there are both anal sex machines, as well as vaginal ones. All in all, these devices simulate sexual intercourse, usually via a dildo. Obviously, you control the depth and speed.

Furthermore, your dildo of choice is supposed to be attached to the end of this rod. You can even achieve different depths by changing the radius of the machine’s arm. Aside from that, you can easily adjust the pace as well. But bear in mind that even the slowest speeds will prove quite intense in the beginning. So make sure to start slow and then gradually speed it up!

Ride-On Sex Machines

Next up, we’ve got the “ride” sex machine, such as the Sybian. This device is one of the most common sex machines in pop culture. It’s pretty much an internet star and legend in and of itself. You’ll find that the Sybian has appeared even on popular live shows, such as the “Howard Stern Show.”

Okay, so this device is basically a vibrator that you can ride. And if that sounds somewhat boring, you should know that the Sybian is far from dull. This mechanical powerhouse will undoubtedly give you the strongest orgasms imaginable; it is one of the strongest commercial vibrators out there.

You can place different silicone attachments on the Sybian’s top, for all kinds of joyous penetrative fun. Plus, you’ll find sleeves with different sizes, altering the size of the attachments to suit your taste. But how does this kind of machine fucking actually work?

Well, you sit on top of the Sybian and put the dildo attachment inside your vagina. By doing so, you let your clitoris touch the nubbed part of the add-on. The nubs are there to transmit vibrations from the device for maximum pleasure. And the machine itself features a wireless remote control with two switches — for adjusting vibration and rotation.

Monkey Rockers/Gliders

Next up, we’ve got gliders. In essence, they’re pretty similar to riding saddles, but with one key difference. Unlike the electricity-powered saddles, you are the one who powers these babies. There are no cords or plugs — everything comes from the movement of your body. Thus, you have complete control over the vigor and speed of penetration, more so than with the electric saddle. Plus, you can use any kind of attachment that is compatible with prostate stimulators or vac-u-lock dildos.

In other words, a “monkey rocker” is a fucking machine powered by human movement. First, you place yourself on a dildo attached to a seat. Then, you proceed to rock back and forth. That way, you control the thrusting speed by your own movement. As you might imagine, that isn’t a bad way to get some exercise while getting an orgasm. Also, another great advantage is that these machines have no complex motors, so they’re entirely silent. However, if you’re not in great shape, you may easily tire out. But if you want to increase your leg strength and have a mind-blowing orgasm, this dildo machine is what you need.

Extraction Machines

As you may have realized by now, most of the machines on this list have the same basic premise; all of them provide anal or vaginal orgasms using dildo attachments and mechanical movements. However, you should note that there are other kinds of sex machines for men. For those who want to masturbate more intensely, penis milking machines are the perfect solution.

These devices are like pumps with adjustable speeds and suction levels. That is why they allow male users to experience the best handjob/sex simulation they’ve ever had. The pumps come with vagina-shaped holes, in which the user can insert his penis. Then, the device uses a series of pumps to stimulate it and bring the user to an explosive orgasm.

While such machines have existed for a while, nowadays, they’re far more advanced than before. Some of them boast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity with mobile devices and even adjustable settings over smartphone apps. Furthermore, the silicone inside of the “vagina” insertion hole is easy to clean.

On the other hand, for people with more specific kinks, there are breast pumps that can be used to both stimulate nipples and extract milk from pregnant women. That’s why both of these devices fall into this category.

Are Sex Machines Just for Women?

From the devices described above, it would be easy to assume that these are only sex machines for women. After all, most of them involve some sort of penis attachment going into a vagina. Ladies have used handheld dildos this way from their inception, and the Sybian saddle and human-powered gliders were also predominantly used by women. However, that does not mean such devices can’t be used by men who are looking for a bit of anal stimulation.

The handheld dildos are, depending on their circumference, most perfectly capable of being used by men for anal and prostate stimulation. Also, guys can sit on the gliders and saddles as well, though somewhat less comfortably. However, it’s essential to note that, with particular adjustments, you can turn all of these devices into unisex machines. Naturally, our previous section has also described male-only penis pumps as well, so that only serves to prove our point.


As you can see, the world of sex machines has grown quite a bit in the past few decades, especially in terms of more complex mechanics. However, while we’re all after the most powerful orgasm possible, it’s worth noting that, even with professionally manufactured units, one should be careful when handling sex machines.

Even the most basic ones can be pretty powerful, and thus capable of causing significant damage if misused. Once you obtain one, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Also, don’t forget to use it gently for your first time. Finally, if you’re attempting to build a machine of your own, remember that safety is paramount!

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