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As you may have seen in our guide to the different types of nipple clamp, there are so many options to choose from!

While the ideal solution we would suggest is to buy all of them and see which ones you enjoy the most for yourself, that would be quite expensive. So to help guide you through the decision, we’re going to go through all the important points you need to consider.

Beginner Nipple Clamps

While there isn’t a specific “beginner nipple clamp” we can recommend, there are some which are more suited to a new user than others. These will usually feature rubber tips at the end of the clamps, be highly adjustable to let you experiment with different pressure, and generally be a little simpler to use.

Specific styles that are great for beginners are alligator clamps, bull-nosed clamps, and tweezer clamps. These are all able to be adjusted so they aren’t putting large amounts of pressure on your nipples, then as you become more comfortable you can tighten them to test different feelings.

When just starting out, we usually advise that you avoid clamps which aren’t adjustable, such as magnetic clamps. These will only provide one amount of pressure, so if it’s too much for you you’ll have just bought a set of clamps which you don’t even want to use!

When just starting out, we usually advise that you avoid clamps which aren’t adjustable, such as magnetic clamps. These will only provide one amount of pressure, so if it’s too much for you you’ll have just bought a set of clamps which you don’t even want to use!

It might also be a good idea to steer clear of elaborate sets of clamps with chains and weights, as these can make a big difference to the way the clamps feel.

Instead focus on getting some simple and easy to use, so that you can start to explore how much pressure (or pain) you enjoy feeling.

Nipple Clamps with Chains

One of the biggest considerations you’ll need to make when choosing a set of nipple clamps is whether or not they’ll be connected.

You can either get a pair of clamps that are two completely separate pieces, or a set that are joined together, usually by a chain.

Separated nipple clamps are great for exploring each individual nipple, as any movements or stress you add with one clamp won’t directly affect the other. You can also pull on the clamps one by one, letting you pay extra attention to individual nipples for a while!

On the other hand, clamps that are connected will usually stimulate both nipples at the same time, no matter what movements you make. If you pull on the chain itself, you can make both clamps grip harder and increase the overall pressure. Or you can pull the chain in different directions, forcing the nipples to move around relative to each other.

The key point here, is when there is a chain involved, both nipples will feel all of the movements and stimulation that is caused by playing with the chain!

Nipple Clamp Weights and Attachments

Many people often think that you have to get a set of clamps with a chain between them in order to add any extra weight or other devices (such as a clit clamp). This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Individual nipple clamps can also come with additional attachments which change the way they feel when you wear them. One attachment you’ll frequently find in most stores is feathers.

The small bundles of feathers dangle down from the end of the clamps, so as you move around, they tickle and tease both your breasts and stomach. All the stimulation offered from these can really drive you wild, and make using your clamps one of your favourite activities!

You can also find clamps with various screws or spikey parts which can be adjusted individually. This lets you put additional pressure on specific parts of your nipple as desired.

Despite this, the most common form of nipple clamp attachment tends to be weights. Adding extra weight greatly increases the “pull” you feel while wearing them. As the clamp is pulled downwards, they usually become tighter and tighter, magnifying the sensation greatly.

Of course we aren’t recommending you start tying huge dumbbells onto the end of your nipple clamps!

The easiest way to add weight to your clamps is with a chain between them. All the extra metal provides a great deal of extra weight, and you can of course look for heavier or lighter chains based on your preference. If you want a little more weight, you can also pull on the chain!

Chains also give you room to add other attachments as you see fit. You might have a small set of weights which you add and remove to the chain at different times, to change the sensations you’re feeling. Or perhaps a whole host of different feathers and other soft materials that can tease different parts of your body.

For those who enjoy clamps the most, you can even add in a clit clamp, which can be linked to your nipple clamp chain. Then when you move around, both your nipples and clitoris will be pulled and stimulated in different ways!

Think carefully about how you plan to use your nipple clamps, and the different features that appeal to you. That way you can buy something that will let you explore everything you want, rather than needing lots of different sets.

Metal Allergies

Another very important note is for anyone who suffers with allergies to metals. The vast majority of nipple clamps are made of stainless steel, or other similar metals. This means they may be unsuitable for some people with allergies.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from these, then you aren’t completely out of luck!

Both string and silicone nipple clamps can be just as enjoyable as metal ones, and there are still plenty of options out there for you to choose from.

Despite what you first thought, buying a set of nipple clamps doesn’t need to be terribly complicated. Simply think carefully about the points above, as well as how you plan to use your clamps, then buy something that fits those needs accordingly!

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