Is Urethral Stimulation Painful?

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Many, many people will usually have a knee-jerk reaction to this kind of stimulation. It’s quite a normal reaction and nearly everyone will think the same thing early on. Surely putting metal objects into your urethra will hurt!

This is a reasonable reaction, and luckily for us it’s something for most people that is wrong. Urethral stimulation can be painful, but there are some simple steps you can take to avoid it.

Is All Pain from Urethral Stimulation Bad?

While the instant reaction to pain is a negative one, it isn’t always the case. Some people actually enjoy it!

The BDSM community is filled with people who enjoy various amounts of pain. They actually take active steps to incorporate it into their sexual pleasure. This is something you can also enjoy while using urethral sex toys.

While it’s definitely something you can explore if you enjoy it, it’s not something I’d recommend to beginners.

Until you get the hang of insertion and use of your toys, and know the limits of how far you can stretch your urethra, it’s advisable to stick to trying to enjoy urethral stimulation in a pain-free way.

How Do We Avoid Pain While Using Urethral Toys?

There are a few different things we need to do in order to avoid any pain while using urethral toys. Don’t worry though, they’re all relatively simple.

The first consideration is the size of your toys. Both penis plugs, and urethral sounds come in a variety of lengths, but this isn’t our main concern here. The part of the toys that will give you the most trouble is the diameter.

Length isn’t completely negligible though, as women have a much shorter urethra than men so should look for shorter toys. Using one that’s too long will definitely be painful.

A lot of the time when you first start exploring, then length could cause an issue. For the most part it shouldn’t be painful, but it can be better to start with shorter toys, or by not putting them too far in. Over time you can work up to longer and deeper insertions, but you should only go as far as you’re comfortable with!

With diameter, you’re simply going to need to choose between thicker or thinner toys. You should never jump straight to a larger diameter when you first get started.

The goal should always be to work up to larger sizes over time, gradually stretching the urethra. Going too large too fast isn’t going to stretch the urethra, but is much more likely to tear it, causing the exact kind of pain you’re trying to avoid. Another consideration to types of toys are the textures that might line the surface of them.

In most cases these textures are designed to change and increase the stimulation you’ll experience while using your plugs or sounds.

They aren’t great for complete beginners though, as they produce extra friction which could hurt if your urethra isn’t stretched from previous sessions with your toys.

Inserting Urethral Toys Without Pain

How you actually insert your urethral toys also plays a large role in how much pain they produce.

The most advanced users can quickly slide in a sound many inches long and make it look effortless.

On the other hand, a less experienced user will probably struggle to get it in at all and is likely to push too hard and hurt themselves. The first thing you need to do is make sure everything is properly lubricated.

You’ll not only need to lubricate the toy your using but also the entrance of your urethra.

While it does produce a little of its own lubrication to protect itself from bacteria, it’s nowhere near enough for insertion so if you don’t want it to hurt you’re definitely going to need more. If you aren’t sure which lubricant, you should use check out our guide.

The second thing to consider is your insertion technique.

Mainly you are just going to need to be relaxed. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to get your toys in, so it can be easy to get frustrated and tense up.

Rushing things isn’t going to help at all, and you shouldn’t try to force them in. The force of gravity alone should be able to pull them in. If they get stuck, you can either remove them and add more lube, or try gently twisting them until they move further.

If you still can’t get it in, then you’ll want to take it out and try a smaller size instead. Your urethra will gradually stretch over time, so you’ll be able to move back up to the larger size eventually.

When learning to enjoy pain-free urethral stimulation, you really shouldn’t obsess over how deep the toys go. As long as you are inserting them comfortably and safely, then you’re on the right track.

Make sure that you’re totally comfortable with the depth you can currently reach before you try to go further.

General Safety Tips For Urethral Insertion

  • It is worth bearing in mind that after play sessions, you may still feel sore. This is true even if you take your time and are comfortable during the session. Just like any other part of the body, you are stretching things and they will take time to heal.

    If it happens to you regularly, it might be a sign that you are being a bit too rough, and you should try to be a little gentler next time. If you are sore after a session, be sure to wait until the pain has completely cleared up before you have another session.

  • Never insert random objects into your urethra! This includes toys with sharp edges, or ones that are especially thin. The urethra is an incredibly delicate area and damage to the pipes can cause you a lot of urinary problems.
  • Only use sterile lube. The regular lube you use for sex may not be suitable, and you should check thoroughly before use. Using the wrong type of lube is likely to feel painful or like burning and can also cause urinary tract infections.
  • When lubricating your toys, be sure to cover more than just the tip, as some of the lube will be lost during insertion. It can be a good idea to lube a few inches at a time, to make sure everything is slippery while inserting it.
  • Some toys can be inserted while the penis is erect, and some can only be inserted while flaccid. The same is true for removal. It’s important to know which type of toy you have before you start, so you don’t accidently try to remove it a way that is damaging to your body.
  • Always thoroughly clean your toys before and after use. If they are not completely sterile, then you are very likely to suffer from urinary tract infections. Even if you’ve cleaned them after use, bacteria can still build up during storage, so cleaning them before use is advised.
  • If at any point in a play session you feel sharp pains, prolonged pain, blood or discharge, cramps, fever, or any other unusual symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

It’s easy to be put off by the potential pain that urethral insertion can cause but try not to let it completely dissuade you. With some care and practise you can easily use whatever toy you want with no pain whatsoever. This leaves you free to enjoy all the pleasure available from these unique and interesting toys!

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