How To Use A Penis Plug

Penis plugs are one of the simplest urethral toys available, but that doesn’t mean that you can just go in blind.

You still need to know what you’re doing to use them in a safe and controlled manner. Luckily, it’s an easy and simple process.

Before you know it, you’ll be a pro, and be able to insert your penis plugs comfortably and quickly.

What Is A Penis Plug?

In case you don’t know exactly what a penis plug is, we’ll go over that first.

A penis plug is a small sex toy designed to be inserted into the urethra. Most of the time they will only be used for a short period of time, but some are designed to be much longer and have a hollow inside to allow fluids to exit your body.

Most penis plugs will be a few inches long, and they stimulate the penis from the inside. Penis plugs can come in a variety of styles.

The simplest is a smooth, thin piece of metal. More complex varieties have different textures, different shapes, can vibrate, use electrical stimulation, or even have penis rings attached.

Some penis plugs are even designed to be worn during ejaculation or urination. These will typically be hollow and have a small bead that is attached to the end. When you come close to orgasm, you can remove the bead to let your ejaculation flow freely out.

Most penis plugs will be made of stainless steel, although some made of silicone are also available. These materials are ideal as they can be properly cleaned and sterilised. You should usually avoid penis plugs made of any other materials.

Despite their name, penis plug isn’t something solely for men to enjoy. Women can also enjoy urethral insertion and some penis plugs are designed with them in mind.

Why Do People Use Penis Plugs?

Historically, penis plugs were used mainly as a medical device to help people with urinary problems and infections. In more recent years, people have started to pick up penis plugs for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure.

The urethra is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and stimulating it can lead to some very intense and enjoyable feelings. A penis plug also adds a lot of pressure to the inside of your penis which helps you have much stronger erections and orgasms.

How Do You Use A Penis Plug?

This is a question with a somewhat obvious answer. To use a penis plug, you simply insert it into your urethra.

You shouldn’t just jump straight in though as urethral play is a delicate process and doing it incorrectly could cause your body a lot of damage!

Wearing Your Plug: Preparation

Even before you start using your penis plug, you should be thinking about things that could go wrong.

Often penis plugs are usually handmade so there’s always a small chance of human error during the manufacturing process.

You should use your finger and feel the entire surface of the plug. If you feel any bumps, lumps, or sharp edges then inserting your plug could be quite dangerous.

Some plugs will be stamped with a marking to tell you the size of the plug, which can be a particularly common area of imperfection. If it’s a brand new plug and you find imperfections you can return it to the store and get one that is properly smoothed out.

Over time though, all penis plugs are subject to this kind of wear and tear.

If you do happen to find any rougher areas on your plug, then you can take some time to file them down yourself with a nail file or emery paper.

These checks should be done before you use your plug every single time as even during storage or movement damage can happen. You should usually try to urinate before you insert your penis plug.

This serves somewhat of a double function, as properly clearing your pipes can get rid of any small amounts of bacteria that might still be in the urethral tubing. It can also make it easier to reach orgasm, as some people struggle to orgasm with a full bladder.

Once your plug is inserted you aren’t going to be able to pee until you remove it (unless you have a hollow plug), so it’s good to get this out of the way before you start.

Lubrication is the final stage of preparation you’ll need to take care of before you can get started.

The urethra does produce some lubrication, but this is only to protect itself from bacteria and is nowhere near enough to assist with insertion.

The urethra does absorb water, so water-based lubricants aren’t going to be as effective as the other kinds. Whichever type of lube you use, it needs to be completely sterile, so it doesn’t irritate your urethra. You might even want to pick up a lube specifically designed for urethral play.

With your chosen lube in hand, make sure that your plug is fully covered in it and put a little on your urethra too. You’ll then be ready to insert your plug.

Wearing Your Plug: Insertion

With all the preparation out of the way, you’ll probably be keen to get into things and insert your plug!

Try not to get too excited though. When inserting your penis plug it’s important to stay calm and relaxed and take your time.

You should never force the plug in. Most of the time if you aren’t making any mistakes you should be able to simply slide it in without much resistance.

Often men might find that it’s much easier to insert their penis plug before they become erect.

If you still find yourself having trouble, then you’re probably using a plug that’s a size that’s too big for you.

Both the longer and girthier models of penis plugs aren’t recommended for beginners. You need to gradually stretch your urethra over time to accommodate these!

Dangers Of Penis Plug

When you’re inserting anything into a part of the body as sensitive and important as your urethra, there are sure to be concerns.

These aren’t without reason, but with the proper thought and preparation these can be easily avoided.

One of the most important things you need to do is be completely sure that your plugs are as clean and sterile as they can possibly be.

The urethra can absorb bacteria very easily, and if anything does get into your body this way it’s an easy way to cause damage to yourself with some nasty urinary tract infections.

This doesn’t just apply to your toys either! You need to be properly cleaning your hands before you start to make sure that you aren’t getting anything nasty on your toys while handling them.

Another important thing to remember is that you should only be using toys which are designed to be inserted into your urethra.

That biro might seem like a good idea when you’re horny and desperate, but it’s very easy for things to break when you use them in ways they aren’t designed. If you were already worrying about any pain urethral play might cause, then just imagine how bad it would be needing a doctor to fish out small bits of plastic!

Sharing sex toys is something you should generally try to avoid anyway. We all have our own unique ecosystems of bacteria in our bodies which are harmless to us.

When we start to introduce some of our bacteria into other people’s bodies, it can easily upset the natural balance and cause all kinds of problems. This danger is even more present with urethral toys due to the ease with which the urethra can absorb bacteria.

It’s also an easy way to contract a sexually transmitted disease, which we’d all prefer to avoid! When removing your penis plugs you also need to be just as careful as when you insert them.

This is particularly true for men, as if they insert the plug before getting erect then during erection the whole tube will be gripping onto the plug much tighter. Trying to pull it out while erect can cause a lot of friction and pain.

Unless your plug is hollow though, you will need to remove it before you ejaculate, or you may cause yourself retrograde ejaculation.

So, you’d need to be flaccid, insert the plug, enjoy it but not to the point of ejaculation, let your penis become flaccid again, remove the plug, get your erection back, then ejaculate. This is why we say you do need to prepare and plan exactly how you plan to use your plug!

Storing Your Penis Plugs

How you store your plugs between uses is another important thing you need to consider. It’s very easy for them to become damaged between uses if you’re just throwing them in a drawer with some other stuff or use a similarly poor way of storing them.

On top of damage, bacteria and germs could find their way onto the plug between uses if you store them in a poor place.

It’s a good idea to keep your plugs in a specific box, and keep the box in a cool, dry place.

You can also wrap each plug individually in a soft material to keep them from scratching against each other, or if you have multiple silicone plugs it stops them reacting with each other.

There’s a lot more to think about than you might have considered when you first decided you wanted to use a penis plug.

Everything is important though, and if you want to have the best experience you can then you should bear these things in mind when you engage in urethral play.

These experiences can be some of the strongest and most enjoyable sexual experiences you can have. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your own penis plugs today!

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