DDLG and Sex

While the majority of your time in a DDLG relationship will usually be spent outside the bedroom, some couples will also want to explore things in the bedroom. Adding a sexual component to a DDLG relationship can be a delicate matter.

Not only can it be tough to know what is appropriate, but if you get the balance wrong things can start to feel wierd very quickly

Do You Have To Have Sex In a DDLG Relationship?

The first thing that always commonly comes up when people are discussing DDLG is whether or not these relationships have a sexual component. After all, much of the discomfort many people feel about DDLG comes from the idea of there being a sexual component between a “parent” and “child”.

Luckily, it’s by no means required that your relationship involve sex. You can keep DDLG entirely free from the bedroom, and in some cases don’t even need to do it with someone you are sexually attracted to.

Many DDLG relationships are completely platonic, and plan to stay that way forever. They simply enjoy caring for and being cared for by the other.

Can You Have Sex In a DDLG Relationship?

Naturally, the next consideration is whether or not your DDLG relationship can have a sexual component. A lot of people feel like this might not be allowed, is strange, or just simply wrong. Again this comes down to this notion of “parents” and “children” becoming sexually involved.

The short answer is, yes, any DDLG relationship can have a sexual component if this is something you desire. However the important thing to remember is that you aren’t doing it in the way described above. The little is simply enjoying the exploration of a state of mind that a child might experience, often called little space.

Their daddy or mommy is similarly exploring the headspace of a parent.

This means that while it may look like the relationship is between a parent and child, it’s still between two reasonable, consenting adults. And just as they can choose to have sex at any point outside of a DDLG relationship, the same applies within this kind of relationship.

Having Sex Outside of Little Space

Most couples who enjoy DDLG tend to start by only having sex while they are “big”. This basically means when the roleplay is over, and you’re both out of character. Over time, elements of your DDLG play may become more sexual, but actually doing the deed is something that you avoid.

This is perfectly natural, and you can of course stay in this stage for as long as you like (possibly forever). Just because other people enjoy having sex in character, doesn’t mean you have to too!

Having Sex In Little Space

Of course, the final progression is to actually have sex in character, and while the little is in little space.

While this does freak some people out, there’s usually not that much to it. Most people just put a lot of stress on it and it becomes an anxious and awkward experience. If you simply relax and enjoy it, it can be great fun!

Most couples will have a verbal component to their sex while in character. Simple things like calling each other nicknames, saying things that make it clear who is in control, or giving instructions to the little are all common examples.

This verbal difference can carry over to all parts of sex, such as having different “cutesy” nicknames for your penis, vagina, boobs, butt, bedroom, basically anything.

Others like to take it a little further, sometimes incorporating games into their sex or playing along the narrative of “this is naughty, we shouldn’t be doing this”. As always, only go as far as you’re comfortable with, and if you want to stop make sure that your tell your partner.

Aftercare Following DDLG Sex

Ironically, for most DDLG couples the most important part of sex is the bit after it’s finished. As the little will still be in little space, you’ll need to give them lots of attention and make them feel loved and safe.

They will have just done something that in their little headspace could be wrong, confusing, or even just new and interesting. Your little might want to talk, ask questions, or just be cuddled and held.

Whatever the situation, make sure that you set aside plenty of time for aftercare after having in character sex. You’ll both thank yourselves later!

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DDLG and Sex

While the majority of your time in a DDLG relationship will usually be spent outside the bedroom, some couples will also want to explore things in the bedroom. Adding a sexual component to a DDLG ...

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