What Are Mini Sex Dolls?

In a world where you can order a custom sex doll to the exact specifications you want, you might wonder what the point of a mini sex doll is. After all, if these dolls are exactly the same as a full sized one, then why would I bother to get the smaller one? It’s a good question, and one that you’ll hopefully have an answer to by the end of this article.

What Exactly is a Miniature Sex Doll?

Miniature sex dolls are very similar to their larger cousins. They are usually made of either a TPE or silicone blend and designed to be as realistic as possible with very lifelike feeling orifices. The big difference is simply the size!

A miniature sex doll will usually be a meter or less in height. Their bodies are still surprisingly realistic, and the manufacturers do a great job of scaling everything down, but still keeping it in proportion. Due to the massive amount of downscaling though, mini sex dolls tend to only have the single orifice, the vagina.

Why Would You Buy a Mini Sex doll?

The reasons people buy a mini sex doll are identical to those who buy a full-sized sex doll. You might be currently single and looking for a little extra excitement over your traditional masturbation. Or maybe you’re in a relationship and you want to experiment with adding another person to the bedroom without actually having to go and ask around your friends. There are many different reasons out there and many of them unique to each individual and situation.

But why a mini sex doll? Well, unsurprisingly, it’s due to the size! Mini sex dolls are much, much easier to move around and store conveniently. So, if you’re tight on space, or simply looking for a travel sized sex doll, then a mini doll is perfect. They are much lighter too, so put a lot less strain on your body when trying to move them from place to place.

Another great benefit is the price. Mini sex dolls are much easier to make and use a lot less material due to their small size. This means that most of the time you’ll be able to pick up a mini sex doll for around half the price of a full size one. A bedroom bargain!

Many mini sex doll manufacturers take advantage of the slight lack of realism in their products. Rather than completely trying to make them look more real, which will never really work due to the size, they use it to be more creative. Mini sex dolls will often be modelled in a much more fantasy style, with things such as elf ears, or fancy hair colours.

Disadvantages to Mini Sex Dolls

Owning a mini sex doll isn’t all benefits. If it was, the full-sized sex doll market would probably be out of business! There are a few distinct problems when it comes to mini sex dolls.

The largest problem for many potential customers is the fact that most mini sex dolls only have space for a single orifice. This means if you’re looking to experiment with vaginal, anal and oral sex with your sex doll, then a mini doll isn’t going to satisfy your desires. The vaginal canal can be quite short in these dolls too, so if you’re particularly well-endowed you may find it difficult to make the most of your doll.

Some potential buyers might struggle to enjoy a mini sex doll as much as a full sized one due to the lack of realism. Even though the manufacturers do a great job keeping everything in proportion as much as possible, the height of the dolls ultimately mean some activities can seem very unrealistic.

Things like dancing, cuddling, or even having dinner with your miniature doll will all emphasise this difference in size, so if you’re looking to do more than just have sex with it you’re going to have to decide how much you are willing to sacrifice.

A slightly more unusual disadvantage to mini dolls is their clothing. A full-sized doll will be relatively easy to clothe as you can pick up anything you like the look of from the woman’s section of nearly any clothes store. Miniature dolls need much smaller clothing though, so you might find it much harder to find your new friends ideal outfit in the right size.

Mini Sex Dolls and the Law

Many potential buyers of mini sex dolls might be scared off by the fact that their small size might give some people the wrong idea. We should start out by saying that mini sex dolls are completely legal. Manufacturers measure these dolls in adult dimensions, and for all intents and purposes treat the dolls as small adults.

A small doll doesn’t mean that it is a child. You do need to be a little careful though when owning a mini sex doll. Make sure not to associate your doll with any other childish things as this may further the wrong idea. You should also make sure that you aren’t doing anything else illegal as it would be very easy for law enforcement to put two and two together and assume something completely wrong about your miniature friend.

Ultimately, if you’re a regular person enjoying your sex doll in a completely normal way, you shouldn’t have any problems.

So whether you’re just interested in seeing more of these dolls for yourself, or want to take the plunge and pick one up of your own, you can check out many models in our store.

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