Vibrators and Penises — Unlikely Allies

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In words of the world-renowned singer and legend James Brown — it’s a man’s, man’s, man’s world that we live in. It has been like that for longer than since 1967, though.

Judging by the chorus of James Brown’s song above, you shouldn’t be surprised that there is nothing that women have that is not in some way attainable to men as well. Yes — although it was mostly women who used vibrators back in the day, these toys can now be and are frequently used by men as well.

Let us see if vibrators can go vagina in vagina — I mean hand in hand — with male users as well!

Hands-Free Orgasms

More and more gay and straight men give in on the mind-blowing vibrator adventure nowadays. It is encouraging that binary stereotypes don’t matter that much anymore and that men can freely enjoy vibrator orgasms as well.

One of the numerous benefits of using a vibrator on your penis is that you can sit back and relax while this nifty sex toy does all the work. The toy will give your masturbation hand a much-needed rest. At the same time, it will reward you with hands-free orgasms of a lifetime.

Therefore, It is high time that men started breaking the stigma about sex toys making them look kinky or gay. Everyone should think about vibrators as a great and useful way to give their intimate parts a ride they will never forget.

Optimizing your jerk-off sessions with sex toys can be both fun and satisfying for men. Besides, the health benefits of male masturbation are numerous. Safe self-pleasuring of any kind can help men improve their brain function, or rejuvenate their skin and make them look younger.

Vibrators Can Improve Your Erection

Penis vibrators can help men overcome erectile dysfunction as well. With their different vibration patterns, these adult toys can help men last longer in bed. Also, they can keep their penis constantly erect during intercourse.

Some men experience a serious lack of self-confidence when they cannot get an erection. So, why wouldn’t men use this ticket to long-lasting erections and guaranteed sexual intercourse?

These days, there are many popular versions of male masturbators that you can order online. Even the simplest of them can help you get a bigger-than-usual erection, help you delay ejaculation, and experience more powerful orgasms. For example, sex shops are full of different fun and body-safe masturbation sleeves, suction cups, and bullet vibrators that can help you climax.

If you buy one of these vibrating sex toys, you will definitely be able to kiss your blue pills goodbye. They are non-chemical, organic alternatives to medication people normally use to treat erectile dysfunction.

Vibrators for men can enhance men’s sexual experience by keeping their penises fully erect. Namely, they send vibrations to the penis, thus increasing the blood flow. As a result, the penis becomes and stays erect for longer. That way, orgasms become more powerful and satisfying.

All in all, your erection issues are a couple of vibrations from being solved. Why suffer and feel embarrassed when you can buy a sex gadget that can help you? Erectile dysfunction can be history with a suitable sex toy for men, and you won’t need to worry that you will disappoint your partner again.

Explore Your Penis More

Some men would be surprised at how little they know about their bodies and sexual desires. That may be the case because people often stigmatize and criticize their sexual explorations. Whenever a man uses adult toys, people find it socially unacceptable or kinky. On the other side, women often talk openly about experimenting with erotic toys without experiencing a similar bias.

That has to change. Men should be able to start using male sex toys openly. People should not slam them by patriarchal prejudices and outdated concepts of sexuality.

There are so many appealing, high-quality vibrating masturbators for men that can help them get off. Come on, guys! It is high time you started exploring your penises with nifty, pleasure-giving vibrators, and giving your hands a rest. Women had fought for their right to explore and conquer their vaginal territories; now, it is men’s turn to set off on their penis exploring expedition.

Here’s why! Manual masturbation can be pleasure-giving and exciting, but why not take it to the next level? There are so many cool male vibrators on the market today. So, you can use them to stimulate your glans and give yourself unimaginable orgasms.

Moreover, you can use male masturbators to upgrade your prostate orgasms or intensify the sensitivity of your perineum and scrotum. It is also possible to combine these stimulations to your liking.

Sometimes, when men start using male masturbators, they discover new pleasure points on their penises or bodies. So, you won’t know until you try and experience these powerful vibrating sensations for yourself.

In short, online sex shops offer a plethora of vibrating cock rings, suction cups, and prostate toys. The world is your oyster when it comes to these erotic toys. So, make the most of it until you find out what works best for you.

Vibrators Can Please Your Partner Too

It is also possible to use male vibrators to please your partner, especially if they are female. Or, one partner may use a gadget on their significant other and enjoy watching them get off.

Also, male vibrators can induce significant clitoral pleasure, and its vibrations can travel through both bodies. Some couples came up with an idea to combine two types of vibrators during intercourse. That way, they can add some extra stimulation to their mutual masturbation sessions.

Should you decide to bring a vibrating erotic toy into your sex life, make sure that you first discuss it with your partner. Some people may feel shocked or intimidated by this suggestion. Many partners think that introducing a sex toy into their intimate routine may mean that they are not enough. Therefore, you need to explain that these adult gadgets can only boost and spice up your sex life. You can add that the only thing they should be afraid of are fantastic orgasms they will experience.

If vibrators sound all Greek to you, please make sure that you give them a test ride before actually using them. You can try how vibrator feels on other parts of your body. That way, you will prevent unpleasant surprises.

Second, you need to adjust the vibration patterns to your needs. After you are done using the toy, it is needless to say that you need to disinfect it properly. All of these awesome toys come with instructions on how to maintain them. But, they are generally made of body-safe materials. Therefore, you can soak your vibrator up in water and soap mixture and leave it in for a few hours. Finally, you can wipe it with a clean towel and put it somewhere dry and safe.

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