Penis Pumps

The Many Types of Penis Pumps

If you can’t make your soldier salute, don’t worry — you’re not the only one. Between 5 and 15% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have some form of erectile dysfunction. And it can happen to anyone because nature is a fickle dame.

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Measuring Your Penis for a Penis Pump

When it comes to the tricky topic of penis size, many men shy away from the conversation. It has been a sign of manliness for centuries, and having a large penis is something we all desire. However, the reality is different, and most of us have an average sex organ.

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Guide to Using Penis Pumps

Have you ever felt unable to get an erection sufficient to perform in bed? You may have even gotten it but failed to maintain it. If it becomes frequent, such a turn of events can lead to more than a momentary disappointment on both yours and your partner’s part. It can become a catalyst for a more permanent feeling of discontent and even result in depression.

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Are Penis Pumps Safe?

For some time now, penis pumps have served more as residents of our jokes and comedic improvisations than as a topic of an open and serious conversation about performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, the pills that treat the same issues are everywhere. Maybe the fact they are dissolvable makes them more acceptable, while the materiality of the machine (and the physicality of its use that prevents it from starring in commercials) acts as a graphic reminder of the matters we would rather not discuss.

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