DIY Stuffed Toy Sex Doll

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Nearly everyone will have had a favourite stuffed toy at some point in their life. Many of us still sleep with them today, and no matter how old we get having a trusty partner there for us in hard times is a reassuring thing. Even if you’ve grown out of stuffed toys, you probably still remember the feelings your favourite bear could conjure up in you when you were younger.

But what if your favourite stuffed toys could take you a little bit further? What if you could enjoy your time with them that little bit more? What if they could satisfy you… sexually?

Now I know some of you might be a little confused right now. Why on earth would you want to have sex with a stuffed toy? That’s a long and complicated question for another time, and if it’s not something you’re interested in then that’s completely understandable. If you’re interested though, read on and find out how to convert your favourite stuffed toy into your favourite sex doll.

The Bump and Grind

Like most of the sex toy market, there’s a little inequality when it comes to converting stuffed toys into sex dolls. Women have a decidedly easier time simply because they can gain a great deal of pleasure without needing penetration. It doesn’t even have to be a stuffed toy. A large pillow will do the job just as well, so it depends really on what you’re into, and whether limbs will make the experience better or worse for you.

If you want a little penetration from your stuffed toy, then you’ll need to do some modifications to make it into a sex doll.

Modifying a Stuffed Toy

For women who want their toy (or pillow) to be able to penetrate you, or any man looking to penetrate their toys, you’re going to need to make some modifications. These don’t have to be crude though. If you take your time you can make quality modifications to your stuffed toys.

The simplest thing a man can do is to simply make a hole. Most stuffed toys will have a seam that runs along the middle of the underside. It’s a simple matter of picking out the stitches and creating a hole large enough for your penis.

For some, this is enough, and they enjoy the feeling of the stuffing in the toy. If you use your stuffed toy in this way though it’s going to be nearly impossible to clean. Once you orgasm inside it, that’s there to stay and before long, you’re going to need to replace it.

If you’d like to do a more advanced job, you’ll want to incorporate a sex toy into your stuffed toy. For men, a pocket pussy is perfect. Women will want to use a dildo.

The process is exactly the same, simply unstitch the seam on the underside of the toy. Once you have it open, pull out some of the stuffing to make room for your sex toy. Then insert your sex toy and stitch it back up. It’s really that simple!

That’s all there is to it! So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a sex doll but aren’t sure if you’ll like it, and you have a giant stuffed toy lying around, you’re in the perfect position to give it a trial. Or if you just enjoy getting down and dirt with stuffed toys, hopefully now you’ll have an idea of how to enhance the experience.

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