Sex Toys for Men - What’s Holding Them Back?

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While women can have a range of tools to heighten their sensual desire, it is not the same for men. Why is that? Let’s find out!

Men and Their (Lack of) Sex Toys

The adult market is a thriving industry that has made leaps when it comes to mainstream acceptance. What used to be the world of dirty, dark alleyways with flashes of neon lights has become something completely different. That is certainly the case when it comes to masturbation toys targeted at women. One can see what is on offer for females to achieve sexual exploration in the isles of some of the local shopping centers! And there are a lot of sex toys for women to choose from, with more to come.

However, an extensive section of sex toys does not apply to the male adult market, and there are very few future choices on the horizon. Plus, what is in stores is not as marketable in comparison with the fairer sex counterpart, or as lovely to look at. The selection is narrow, and this could be due to a few reasons, the main two being:

  • Male sex toy design
  • Men’s views on masturbation

So let’s look at the current state of playthings for men. Also, let’s see how to bring more variety to the male sex toy market.

Physical Limitations

Women have choices when it comes to sex toys to play with, whether it is for their own pleasure or partnered play with their lovers. However, in the male department it, is a completely different story. While there are classics like masturbation sleeves with the most popular being the Fleshlight, this design has not changed since the ’90s. Female masturbation toys come in different sizes, colors, and they almost look like modern works of sculptured art. If one did not know better, it could be easy to confuse the two.

In the mainstream marketplace, male sex toys (especially the Fleshlight) are not a total fit since they look like vulvas without a doubt. Some mothers would have a harder time explaining these to their way, way younger kids.

However, there are prostate stimulators (even some that are remotely controlled) that could come across as Sci-Fi modern gadgets. That is less in-your-face in comparison with masturbation sleeves, but the design selection is still not as wide. It is as if design and marketability are pigeonholed to thinking a certain way about male masturbation. This latter point we shall go more into.

But the central issue behind the design is the size. Most manufacturers have the idea of a single, universal fit, which leaves little room for something exciting and fresh. The most creative toys would be the sex dolls, but a lot of them are still quite goofy looking.

Men’s Attitudes Towards Masturbation

There is a gigantic difference in the way men and women view masturbation. These views are the roots of sex toy design, as well as marketing. Putting aside the raunchy-‘90s-comedies idea that men always joke about how much they masturbate, there is a bigger issue underneath it all. Many see male masturbation as a way to replace sex and as a kind of joke. Female masturbation, on the other hand, is seen as women’s way of exploring their bodies to make their sex lives better.

Women are often pictured taking their time while men are quick and done. A lot of guys have been conditioned to equate masturbation with the absence of a partner. It’s quite simple: when you are alone, handies are a quick means to an end. Because of that, it is an embarrassing secret for many, and not a celebration of the human form.

How the Male Adult Sex Toys Companies Once Understood Masturbation

The male adult sex toys industry took notice of these views on men pleasuring themselves. They saw it as men only wanting sex with women, and that is it. Therefore, many sex gadget manufacturers designed their products to look like women’s body parts. Silicone mouths, asses, and vaginas come to mind, leaving very little to the imagination.

This frame of thought is different from that of the female sex toy manufacturers. Their design philosophy is not that women only want to have sex with men, but that they mainly want to explore their sexuality and their bodies. Male sex toys, on the other hand, serve to mimic sex with a person, while female ones are a way of exploring the body itself on one’s own.

Most young men learn to get it over with as quickly and quietly as possible. This method does not seem to go away within adulthood, either. You can look at PornHub’s 2019 Year in Review as a source that mentions that men spend about 10 minutes 30 seconds for an average visit. Plus, this may include the time they spend leaving charming comments in the community, so take that as you will. The overall point is that men quickly scratch the itch instead of pleasuring themselves slowly.

The Shame Around Men’s Pleasure

Since many see male masturbation as shameful, a lot of people will not buy sex toys like cock rings, butt plugs for anal play, or penis sleeves, to name a few. Plus, there is also the idea that male sex toys cannot be used together with a partner, unlike female ones.

Companies used to take note of the (seemly) disinterest in toys aimed at men. Consequently, they did not bother making products that were interesting and fun. However, if one wants to have a wider variety of toys, the ideas behind masturbation must change. Instead of seeing male masturbation as nothing but a substitute for sex, let it be in exploration of the body. Instead of shame, let it be a celebration, and instead of making lewd jokes, let us become more relaxed about it.

That will make companies take notice and change their product designs. They will manufacture their products with style instead of simply mimicking body parts. Plus, some of them could also make their marketing classier instead of going with the old-school porno vibe.

Marketing should make men view themselves as kings. It works for sex toys marketing aimed at females, which makes women feel like queens in bed, so why can’t it work for men too? These changes can go a long way and help not only sell the products but also decrease the stigma behind men pleasing themselves.

There Is Still Hope

To conclude, we can say there is still hope. We are taking steps in the right direction to bring male sex toys into the mainstream. Products and designs are coming looking better than ever, and they all work well. The idea behind masturbation as a replacement for sex seems to be slowly sidelined in favor of celebrating self-love as a healthy experience. It took centuries for the view of female masturbation to get to where it is now, and in due time, male masturbation will be catch up. Once that happens, better sex toys and items will soon follow.

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