Sex Doll Rental

A sex doll can be an expensive investment. While some sex dolls might be cheaply available these tend to be of lower quality, so if you’re looking for the best experience you might need to spend several thousand dollars. But what if you don’t have that kind of money? Are you doomed to boring nights with just your hand?

Sex Doll Brothels

One option if you can’t afford your own sex doll is to try and find yourself a brothel with a sex doll available. These are starting to pop up all around the world. Usually it’s a case of an existing brothel which will bring in a sex doll alongside their real women for a trial.

These dolls usually prove to be a complete hit with the patrons of the brothels. Once everyone is aware that a brothel has one of these dolls, she will often be booked out for weeks at a time. So, once you find a brothel with a sex doll, make sure you call ahead before you visit, or you might leave a little disappointed.

Brothels with sex dolls aren’t without their problems though. Many of the brothels that open up face heavy pressure from their communities or local governments. As with a standard brothel, a lot of people don’t like having one near them, so they might lobby to get it shut down.

Using sex dolls adds an extra level of trouble, as naysayers will bring up the dolls inability to give consent to things their clients want to do. For many, this will be the main appeal, but some believe that it can promote rape and other negative behaviour.

Sex Doll Rental

The other option for someone who can’t afford their own private sex doll is a rental service. Again, these are popping up all over the world, so you might be able to find one near you. Some of these even operate over the phone. You can text the service and then they will deliver the sex doll to your door and pick it back up later.

Cleaning of Rental Dolls

One of the biggest things that might worry you about using a rental doll is that it might not be cleaned well enough. This is a fair concern, as you don’t know what the person before you will have done with the doll or if they practise good hygiene themselves.

All companies that offer rental dolls will tell you that their products are thoroughly cleaned between each user. Most of the time though, they won’t tell you exactly how they clean them. It’s up to you if you want to trust these people or not. The best advice though would be to wear a condom any time you use a sex doll that may have had other users, just to make sure you aren’t going to contract any STIs from it.

Why Do People Rent a Sex Doll?

So, the options are there, but some of you will probably be wondering why people would choose to use them. These dolls appeal to a wide variety of potential customers, not just the poorer sex doll enthusiasts.

A complete novice might be more likely to use a rental sex doll. The price is quite a large barrier to entry so if someone has been wondering what using a sex doll might be like, then a rental is an ideal way to test things.

More adventurous souls might enjoy some particularly unusual bedroom activities. Finding a partner to join in with some things can be increasingly difficult, so they may spend large amounts of time with their sexual desires unfulfilled. Similarly, some prostitutes might be unwilling to do some things when asked. A sex doll is ideal for experimenting with your deepest desires as they quite simply can’t say no. Anything goes as long as you don’t damage the doll, so you’re free to enjoy yourself exactly the way you want to.

While the idea of sharing a doll that many men before you have used might seem odd, these rental services are becoming more and more common, both inside and outside of brothels. Perhaps in the future, sex dolls will entirely replace prostitution! Only time will tell, but for now individuals interested in trying it have plenty of options.

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