Lubrication for Sex Dolls

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Lubrication is your best friend when using sex toys. These devices can bring us hours upon hours of pleasure, but one thing they can’t do is lubricate themselves. You could try using them without lubrication, but that’s not likely to end well.

Sex dolls are no different. While they don’t need to be fully lubricated in the same way as other sex toys, the parts you’re going to be using for penetration still need exactly the same care.

There are three main type of lubricant available: Silicone-based lubricants, oil-based lubricants, and water-based lubricants. Each is distinctly different and are suitable for different toys and activities.

Water-Based Lubricants

These are often the most common lubricants you’ll be able to find in your local store. They are the simplest and most basic lubes available, and there’s a reason for this. Water-based lubricants are suitable for us in any situation you could imagine. Whether it’s vaginal sex, anal sex, or any type of toy that could cross your mind.

It’s also the easiest type of lubricant to clean up once you’ve finished. If you find it drying up midway through a session, it’s easy to reactivate by just adding a little bit of water. The only real downside is that it does tend to dry up quite quickly. If you’re planning on having a particularly long session with your sex doll, then you might be better off with a different type of lube.

Oil-Based Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants are often the first one people will buy when they look to branch out and try different things. These are much stickier and thicker than water-based lubricants, and many people greatly prefer how they feel. Just like water-based lubricants, oil-based lubes can be used in almost any situation, with one major caveat. An oil-based lubricant cannot be used with a latex condom.

It will break down the material of the condom and render it useless. There are other kinds of condoms available, so if you absolutely must use an oil-based lubricant when you use a condom then try and find ones made of something else.

Oil-based lubricants last a very long time, so if you’re planning on spending a good couple of hours with your doll then they’re the ideal choice. They are a little harder to clean up though, so you should factor in a larger than average amount of cleaning time when you’re finished.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

These are the premiere version of lubrication available. A silicone-based lube usually feels very silky and soft, so it’s very enjoyable to use during penetration. They also last a very long time, so don’t need to be reapplied very often during your session. The only downside to silicone lubes is that they can’t be used with silicone sex dolls. Silicone reacts with itself, so using it on a silicone doll will break down the surface of it and cause irreparable damage.

If you’re looking for the most luxurious and enjoyable experience while using your sex doll, then going for a silicone lubricant is a great idea, as long as you don’t have a silicone doll.

Other Lubricants

Even though these are the main three lubricants, there are some other options out there. If you want to go a little more natural, there are various types of homemade lubricants you could make. I wouldn’t personally recommend them, as they can cause all kinds of chemical imbalances inside your body.

Another option is a hybrid lubricant. These are a mixture of mostly water-based lubricant, but with some ingredients of a silicone lube added in. This gives you the more natural feeling you get from a water-based lube while keeping the long-lasting effects of silicone lube. They are also generally quite safe for use with silicone dolls, as the amount of silicone used in them is quite low. It’s worth checking the label though, as some will be fine, and others won’t.

A Note on Allergies

If you suffer from various allergies, then you should be extra careful when choosing lubricants. Silicone allergies will obviously mean that you can’t use silicone lubricants. Some allergies are much subtler though. Gluten is an important one that springs to mind, as any coeliacs will suffer massive problems from even the smallest amount of gluten.

Be sure to check the ingredients list on the back of the box. If you have any allergies at all you might be surprised to find them in some lubricants, so it’s always worth checking.

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