Relationships with Sex Dolls

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Sex dolls can be a great way to explore sex and enjoy masturbation. You can try almost anything you can think of doing with sex dolls, and don’t need to worry about what someone else might think of you or whether or not they’ll be up for it as well. For some people it goes much further than this though. They enjoy engaging in all kinds of activities with their sex dolls. From dinner, to movies, to snuggling in bed. These people have complete relationships with their sex dolls instead of, or sometimes alongside other humans.

What Does a Relationship with a Sex Doll Involve?

How far you take your relationship with your sex doll is entirely up to you. Some only get them out to have sex, others keep them out at all times and snuggle it at night, others still take it much further. These people involve their dolls in every aspect of their life having a fully-fledged relationship with them.

This doesn’t have to be their only relationship though. There are even examples of men who are already married with children but have an additional relationship with their sex doll.

Why Do People Enjoy Relationships with Their Sex Dolls?

The reasons someone might engage in a relationship with a sex doll can be as varied as the dolls themselves. In most cases, these people are still perfectly aware that the dolls aren’t real. They aren’t trying to use them as a substitute for a real person. Some of the emotions involved though are exactly the same ones you’d feel with a real person so many of the psychological aspects are in some senses a replacement.

So, what would bring someone to start one of these relationships in the first place? Well for many people, they don’t purchase their dolls with the explicit plan of starting a fully-fledged relationship. The simply buy a sex doll because they want a sex doll. As they start to use their doll though, they can become more and more attached to it. After a while they might want to experiment and expand their activities outside the bedroom.

The attachment doesn’t have to be creepy in any way. Think of your favourite dolls or teddy bear from when you were younger. Many of us would talk to them, cuddle them, have tea parties with them. It’s exactly the same with your sex dolls! Over time you’ll gradually become more and more attached to them, invent personalities for them, and share parts of your life that you might not want to share with real people.

In some situations, people might view this kind of attachment as unhealthy and sometimes they’d be right. For some people these relationships make them withdraw further into themselves and spend less and less time with real people. In short bursts isolation is generally fine but over longer periods of time It can have a very negative effect on someone’s mental health.

It’s largely just a matter of each individual situation. If you find yourself spending a lot of time with your dolls then you shouldn’t feel bad, but you should try to spend a bit of time with real people too. If you know someone withdrawing into a sex doll relationship, then encourage them to come out a bit more but understand they can enjoy their dolls just as much.

Some people might simply just be lonely. Most of the time your response would be “well go out and make some friends then”, but for a lot of people it’s really not all that simple. There are many, many reasons someone could have difficulty interacting with real people. From busy work schedules where they don’t get much time to go out, to massive anxiety problems making it difficult for them to reach out to others. Often a sex doll can be a great thing to help these people with their loneliness and can let them practise so they are more comfortable with real people.

You can even find men in committed relationships who bring sex dolls into their lives. Often one partner might not be super happy about it, but in time both partners can grow to accept the sex doll as a positive aspect of their lives.

In many long-term relationships, it’s quite natural that the amount of sex will gradually go down. Unfortunately, some people will go and find another person to fill those urges and cheat on their partners. This never ends well, and there will always be a lot of pain and hurt for the person who is cheated on. Turning to a sex doll can be the perfect way to fill your natural urges without turning away from your long-term partner.

Over time they might even want to join in with you! Some couples become fans of sex dolls and start to collect many different ones. One couple in the UK have as many a hundred!

Will Sex Dolls Completely Replace Real Relationships?

As they are right now, sex dolls aren’t a real substitute for human interactions. Almost everyone who uses them are perfectly aware that they aren’t real and that they aren’t going to do much outside of being there for you. In the future though, this might not be the case.

The ultimate goal of most sex doll manufacturers is to create a completely authentic and lifelike experience. Currently they are attempting to add AI to existing sex dolls so that they can interact with you in basic forms and start to learn from you. This is often combined with a variety of pressure sensors, so the doll can react to your touches and give a better experience.

Manufacturers are constantly seeking to improve their sex dolls, and the highest end and most experimental dolls are becoming more and more lifelike by the week. Soon, sex dolls will be more than simple inanimate objects with human qualities, and actually be fully fledged robots, capable of many things that humans are.

When this happens, there may be people who prefer relationships with these robots. A movement could start to allow humans to marry robots, and these robots could have their own personalities completely free of human influence. It’s an exciting and scary future, and the only thing we can really do right now is sit back and see what happens!

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