Premium Male Vibrators for Your Sophisticated Taste

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Once and for all, let’s bust the myth that vibrators are exclusive sex toys for women. It takes a few seconds to type “male vibrator” in your search engine and find out such things truly exist. However, there are lots of products promising mind-blowing experiences in theory but proving to be utter bullshit in practice.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. We present to you the crème de la crème of vibrators for men. And that’s not all — we will also give you valuable tips on how to use them properly and cream your pants.

Male Magic Wands — Fantasy Made Real?

Don’t worry as it’s nothing to do with Harry Potter or Fairy Godmother. Well, you can make such a connection in some way if fantasy and magic stories make you horny.

Although you may think your penis is the most powerful magic wand, we have to disappoint you. Sorry, not sorry — you will enjoy every second of an even more powerful thing. It’s a long male vibrator with a vibrating head, similar to the famous Hitachi for women.

How to Use a Male Magic Wand?

First, use it to stimulate your banjo string, cock shaft, base, balls, etc. The whole dick is full of tiny nerve endings, so try them all. And you definitely must experience a masturbation cup attachment for your cock head. Mmm, irresistible, isn’t it?

What is more, you can easily move on to other sensitive areas if you wish to. Send some vibrations to the perineum, for example. Then, use the toy to tickle the anus. If you wanna explore your body more, use a G-spot add-on, and the wand will become a vibrating prostate massager. Don’t be afraid of experimenting!

There are more refined models as well, such as the Men One Men Wand and the Fun Factory Manta. Instead of a sphere-like top, these male vibrators have two curved wings that enclose one part of the penis, keep the lube flowing, and vibrate. Moving them up and down, you can stimulate the blowjob sensation.

Finally, turn your magic wand into a partner play device. Use it while receiving a blowjob; stimulate both your dick and your girlfriend’s clit. Or put it between your cock and your boyfriend’s penis. Be creative!

Wand massagers are loud and overheat after 25 minutes, though. There are wireless, rechargeable models, which are less powerful and loud. When buying one, you should consider these features.

Penis Hoods Hide the Treasure

We all know that the glans is the most sensitive part of one’s penis. Indeed, it’s hypersensitive. That’s why most sex toys for men, such as male vibrators and male masturbators, aim for comfortable sensations for the cock head. Many guys compare it with the intense feeling of teasing the glans after cumming.

For that reason, male sex toys welcomed the so-called penis hoods. They are specifically designed to fit the tip of your dick. But they are not like the usual strokers — they are electrical and rechargeable. Turning them on, you activate vibrations that spread from the tip and then along the shaft.

There is no need to move your penis hood male vibrator up and down. It has powerful motors that bring your tip a set of various vibrations. You can enjoy multiple speed levels — from slow and relaxing waves to far more intense ones.

How to Use a Penis Hood?

Penis hoods are a great toy for solo actions. You can relax your hands for a while. All you need to do is to put the toy on your cock head and have fun. Use your hands to stimulate other sensitive areas of the body, such as nipples, thighs, balls, ass, etc. If you have another sex toy, feel free to play with it simultaneously.

When it comes to mutual play, savor the sensations of this male vibrator during other sexual activities. For instance, you can wear it on your dick while you give your partner oral. As for gay couples, the bottom can apply it to his penis during anal sex.

Edging fans might fancy it too. Due to its wide array of vibrations and remote control features, a penis hood is a good toy for those who love cum control games.

Enhanced Cock Rings to Bestow Our Kings

There are a lot of stereotypes that cock rings are worn only because of erectile dysfunction. However, that’s not entirely true. You can enjoy a cock ring even if you don’t have such problems.

When you imagine a cock ring, it doesn’t only have to be a cold metal or silicone ring that you put on your dick. Nowadays, numerous enhanced models can vibrate and give you sheer pleasure.

The greatest advantage is that they are smaller than other vibrators for men. Besides, they don’t have any wires, and there is no need to plug them into the wall. So once you charge them, your joyful moments are about to begin.

How to Use an Enhanced Cock Ring?

A huge plus here is that you don’t have to hold the toy — it’s completely hands-free. You simply attach a cock ring to your dick and/or balls and leave it to do its thing. You might wish to focus on other activities, such as stimulating other body parts.

Combine this type of penis vibrator with other sex toys for men. How about Tenga Eggs for your dick? Or some anal beads and butt plugs for your erogenous zones on the other side? Do as you wish!

These cocks rings can be used during partnered play too. No matter if you are fucking or being sucked, you can still enjoy one. Some of them have a special attachment feature to please your partner as well. More high-tech variants have remote control features, which long-distance couples will gladly welcome.

Sleeve Products Will Warm Every Single Spot

By using all the products mentioned above, you will notice that you can only focus on one spot at a time. And then you will have to drag the toy to other parts and so on. But is there one single male vibrator that can stimulate the whole schlong without exception?

Of course, there is — it’s called a vibrating masturbation sleeve. And guess what? It’s one of the most common premium male vibrators. Therefore, it must be excellent.

How to Use a Penis Sleeve Vibrator?

The most important thing here is to mind the size. While choosing a sleeve, you must read the description. It mustn’t be too tight for your cock. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too loose as you won’t get the desired effect. Just like other vibrators, this one can be used for solo or mutual sexual activities.

As for the solo games, vibrating masturbation sleeves are convenient. Give up Fleshlight and other masturbators! Put a sleeve on your cock, turn it on, and wait until you splash your cum all around.

While waiting for the sleeve vibrator to do its job, you can play with other sensitive areas. You can use different types of vibrators for men, such as a magic wand, simultaneously. To illustrate, while the cock sleeve is milking your dick, your wand vibrator can tease your balls, thighs, nipples, etc. Don’t put it on the sleeve to send more vibrations as it may hurt your buddy and damage the one or both devices!

If you prefer anal penetration, get to that game during a “sleevejob.” There are many toys and vibrators specifically designed for your butt.

Many guys wear sleeves on their cocks during sexual intercourse. Put a sleeve on your penis, turn on vibrations, and thrust them together into the vagina or ass. The pleasure is for both partners as sensations are spread inside and outside the penis vibrator. Sounds too complicated? Give it a try!

Vibrating masturbation sleeves are normally made of silicone. They come in various patterns and textures. What is common for all of them is that they enclose the penis and make sure to provide it with the best sensations.

Curiosity Doesn’t Kill the Cat

Sex toys are simply toys. Their purpose is fun and joy. Do you feel like playing with them? If yes, make sure to choose the best quality items. Although you need to spend some more bucks on a premium male vibrator, you won’t regret it. What’s essential here is to use your imagination. Only then will you achieve ecstasy.

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